This player practices autofellatio. He gives honors and titles to himself.

The Grand Cartographer, talented Architect, experienced Vexillogist and expert civil Engineer of the Alphabernd Realms and major contributor faggot.

Also he's the person the Idea for this wiki originated with with him contributing majorly to the wiki-development by standardizing and creating templates for pages

He's a Slav Half-Breed Spic and he's from Texas. That tells you everything you need to know. He wants Texas to have its own login.

He doesn't play minecraft no more because he ragequit for unspecified reasons Tetete refuses to fucking update the server. he's still butthurt about having the server vote-ban him from politics, he has a job with retarded hours, he had his life ruined by his ex-GF to the tune of ~3600€, his apartment, losing his 500€/week job, combined with a general state of depression and apathy, and the absolutely disgusting current map, Currently trying to keep his best friend and pseudo-gf from becoming an hero while dealing with his job. he is in the hospital after nearly getting murdered on his birthday. his computer's PSU exploded and he's too poor to fix it because he got carjacked and his credit cards stolen a month ago.

Never forget the 5 ones that undid a great legend

Also now banned from politics due to his attempted balkanization of the West Rhodes ban repealed an abirtary ruling made on a whim by Tetete.

After weeks of talks with Dergeneral, succeeded in getting the server a permanent place on the front page of /int/.

He also thinks he owns the wiki and removes legitimate pages even when they are backed by server mods.


Top Row - Nova Kurwan National Service Ribbon(Reintergration of Glo Province), Nova Kurwa Phenoix Award (December 10th Plan), Nova Kurwan Civil War Decaration.
Upper Middle Row - Antilles Colonial Service Ribbon, Presidental Citation for Service to the Sacred Grove (Secession from Coenstad), Alpha Nations Breshik Crisis Ribbon.
Lower Middle Row - Coenstad Sacrifice Medal (Coenstad Embassy Crisis), Coenstad Embassy Protection Corps Ribbon (Coenstad Embassy Crisis, Nova Kurwan Civil War), Battkhort-Templar War Ribbon.
Bottom Row - Kurwa Peace and Development Award, Rosenman Cross Decaration, B.U.R.D.O. Commission Ribbon.

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