Language(s): English; Australian (native)
National Affiliation: Union of Reclusive and Lonely Autocracies
Political Affiliation(s): CLASSIFIED
Roles and Titles: Scourge of Badface, King of Tang-Town
Joined: 2011
<caBst> Tangaloa :-D
<caBst> Hello!
<caBst> Why you never say hi to me Tangaloa :(
<caBst> :(
<caBst> Say hi to me please.
<Tangaloa> no

Tangaloa, His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular, is an assburger from Austria. He spends most of his time inhaling petrol and blaming whitey for his problems. For a long time Tangaloa served as who was likely the most active mod on The Server, until a dubious case involving a previous mod, their hidden chests full of mod loot, favouritism, and months of complaints slander forced te3's hand. This doesn't mean that Tang was a bad mod, but it also doesn't mean they were the best. Since then Tangaloa has been much less active, and refuses to go on the Oceania server due to the damage done to his work.



Founded Papeete upon his joining the server, and built there alone. After some time, he founded Feelville with verto after seeing the noice locale it was situated in, and soon after the nation of FAP was formed. Pre death of the 1.7 map, unconfirmed reports suggest a third settlement was founded by Tangaloa and TheDookie to hide the riches and animals of the nation.

Assisted in the construction and defence of Hamburg, and was as such a citizen of said town. He participated in the war against the Taibei menace, and was a close ally with the nation of Bremen.


Became an isolationist, founding Uganda and only having relations with Bremen and Rapeture. Participated in the defence of Uganda against the finnish raids by Bergertown and a coup led by Ghoul


Constructed a large, independent fortress region that includes two settlements known as [classified] and [classified]. Also created the island of Burj, situated in the vicinity of New Rhodes. All these lands and any embassies are part of the pseudo nation of the United Territories of Tangaloa, a continuation of sorts of the previous nations in which Tangaloa was involved in. The Territories currently in a state of standoff with the imperialists of Badface, and supports the plight of West Battkortia in their fight for freedom.

Also constructed server infrastructure such as much of the current spawn (e.g chest hall, main trainstation, etc), rails, bridges, the confiscation room, and [classified].

Current map

Has constructed a small mountain and desert village near Elkkuton. Has a partnership with the leaders of Elkkuton, and the settlement can be considered an integral part of Greater Elkkuton.

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