Languages Russian, adequate English
Settlement Sponville
  • This player took on the daunting task of creating an interactive netherrail map based on the .png file and station list previously provided on the Transit System page. He did not inform anyone about that project until the first working version was finished.
  • This player also agreed to the even more daunting task of teaching Jinxauthor_Mel (who had zero prior knowledge about html-coding) how to update said interactive map so that it would not differ from the static one.

This player is occasionally ambiguous about his identity. In one of those forms, he is easily intimidated but also recovers rapidly when encouraged. He started out as a weekend player, but showed great ambition and progress when another personality took over.

Related Newspaper Article

(published on October 26th, 2015)
Weekend Spon
(pg) The new settlement northwest of Phiagrica is showing slow but steady progress. After having marked his territory's boundaries and creating a watchtower and home around October 3rd, its founder Resident Spon2007 established a small manual farm on October 10th and has started on a bigger building on October 17th, adding the beginnings of a second story on October 24th. Considering the dates, the as yet unnamed settlement seems to be a regular weekend project.

(published on July 1st, 2016)
Sponville Spreads
(sp) During June, the small settlement of Resident Spon2007 started spreading fast and far. In addition to a fully automatic sugar farm - the first innovation of the month, a hotel, stable, Yev village and roundtrip monorail were constructed in quick succession. All of those display a vastly different architectural style than the original buildings, adding cultural flair to the settlement. Resident Spon2007 already managed to draw in villagers willing to settle and trade.

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