Irrelevant shakoling and great leader. Clone of darynu and Condeura.

Flag of niller's nation
Personal Banner
Current home Pomparley Rock, Wyventon
Language(s) Danish
Joined Early 2013
National Affiliation Winterlynian
Titles King of Winterlyn
Lord of Wyventon
Leader of house Northway
Winterlynian representative in The Confederation of Independent States
Tomoko's Bitchwhore.
Roles and Titles High King of Winterlyn
King Niller1703 I being dapper as fuck
   10/10 best guy
      - niller1703
   9/10 meh he is kind of nice
      - everybody else  
   Would let him suck my dick/10
      - Tomo
   "Thou evokes wrath in my abdomen!"
      - niller1703
   "I wrote a book on why I am such a fag... it's 300 pages"
      - niller1703

Niller has been scientifically confirmed to be the faggiest faggot in the world. Niller would never have sex with an actual man though, as real men are too feminine.

Niller has been called a neckbeard because of extreme case of the Freedoms™

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