This player attempts to look female!

{{    |Kitty4fun
Residence Lanno-Condeura
National Affiliation Lanno-Condeura
Holdings Forgotten Provence of Lanno-Condeura
Titles exking of Condeura, High Duke and winner of the Empire's annual spelling contest
Icons Condeura
Valueble content added so far built roads and a capital for Condeura, an egg farmer, first factory in nation

Kitty4fun is a player who, while not too well known among most, was the Emperor of Condeura. He was a just ruler, even if the bastard DID cheat us out of that election that was supposed to occur. He enjoys saying “moo” for no fuckin' reason, confusing us further on what exact animal he actually is HE IS A CATCOW. Kitty4fun is an exruler of not just Condeura, but also the Mercenary Guild(disbanded) closely aligned with the governmental backbone of said empire.

Note: Just because my name is not masculine dose not mean I am hiding as a girl. Also if you ask I will tell you I am a grill.

Kitty4fun is literally the best speller on the minecraft server. He has yet to, in his life, misspell a single word. Some amazing examples of what he would say if he wasn't fucking dyslexic are “Empire”, “Mercenary”, “Correct”, and “Tourch” “torch”. though any word with an E in it will throw him for a loop due to this key not working right on his keyboard.

after spamming the wiki and getting kicked off of it for a time. Kitty4fun then decided to help patrol the wiki for malice and spam.

Kitty4fun, the Freelancer

After giving up the throne and control of Condeura to the Barrons of the land. He disban the mercinary guild which was not known and will not be missed. He is currently still living in Condeura and will do mercenary work. Though a new guild, centered at spawn, will not be made until more business is coming in and a new map would be away to fuel this dream.

I have taken on an apprentice McFuzzer :3

High Duke of Lanno-Condeura

Made the city of Forgotten and have worked on securing our borders.

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