GuyNormus the Ginormous

as described by his good friend windows98drive

GuyNormus lives in the ruins of California. He was a member of the Winduzastikan Empire, since the days of the Federation on Alpha. He established the town of Jefdale and The Isle of Sans.

Normus served in the Winduzastikan Army during the September 2018 Venesian Bay Invasion, recording a portion of the battle, using his laptop's trackpad with the grace of a drunken toddler. He had planned to make a video showcasing the history of Alpha's realm but never got to it, but the responses to it can be found here.

On Harmonia, GuyNormus started the EAA with Tambo577 and calabacin69 (R.I.B.). He mostly works on projects at the Armory or the Sandpit, or travels the server and helps new players.

Praise for GuyNormus

“pfft” (anhud)

“You bitch child” (yeti30)

“urine” (Tambo577)

“You like me Eggs” (not Salah)

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