Patron of Arts
Languages Russian
Broken French
National Affiliation Alpha Sea Union
Political Affiliation Co-owner and CEO of Vostorg Corporation
Joined October 2015

DanFunMan is a ukrainian alcoholic with a set of particular habits such as: starting and abandoning mega-projects, lore-building and LARPing.

Alpha's Realm

DanFunMan joined the server in October of 2015, migrating from a russian server that had a recent map-wipe. He joined Alpha with his friend Naugrim, who had originnaly suggested the server. After some time of aimless wander around the Alpha's impressive cities and various states both DanFunMan and Naugrim recieved a deal offer - to fight as a mercenaries in The Second-Commonwealth Ender War, particularly in Battle of Novobydlograd. They both were offered a good payment for their military assistance and they agreed on participating. In the siege itself DanFunMan took mostly defensive role - agressively driving out intruders, but not chacing them too far. DanFunMan's involvement in taking down Enderian UFO was somewhat weak, as he didn't know local geography and decided to stay on guard near the city fountain, driving scouts and spies from the roofs, while more experienced troops were taking UFO by force. After the battle was over - DanFunMan recieved his payment in diamonds. With this starting capital and some trophy sets of echanted armour he set his sight on east horizons, where he had been travelling until he found a mountain range he saw as a fitting foundation to a dwarven fortress. And then he qiut for a while.

Until 2018 his wagon and chests with loot and war trophys stood in the middle of mountain range near the eastern border of Alpha. After almost three years of absence he returned and started his work on a dwarven fortress, which later will be known as Ziril Ustir [Fire of Crows]. Days were passing by quickly as he carved out giant halls and rooms in the stone, decorating them with laterns, high columns and statues of dwarven heroes of the past. After the main hall of Ziril Ustir was done and some rumours about the place were spread by occasional visitors of the place - DanFunMan was reached out by Salah, leader of growing demon worshipping community. DanFunMan wasn't interested in occultism or worshipping ancient gods, but rather in company and community in the quickly depopulating landscape of Alpha's Realm. And HRC became such community for DanFunMan - visitors and migrants soon started coming to the city, some settled in the underground forest, closer to a tavern, some carved their chambers near the fortress entrance. Soon after Ziril Ustir's peak of success - war with VEN's started, where warriors of HRC were met with a staggering force of cheating shkolnicks. The conflict itself grew out into a much larger drama and existential threat to the server itself, but DanFunMan wasn't there to witness, as he was gone again.

DanFunMan after initiation


In the spring of 2020 DanFunMan has returned to the server to witness a dawn of a new world - Harmony. Old bernds and new players spread around newly generated land and started their first settlements in a different corners of the map. Remembering the boredom and isolation that comes from living on a far edge of a map DanFunMan decided to settle right near spawn this time. He made a deep dive to the bottom of an ocean that washes shores of Harmonia's Spawn Area and dug up some underwater cave-in, which he used as a home in his first days. During those first days he grinded and farmed various resources, which he later sold to other players, thus, obtaining his first diamonds and sponges by trading. After hours and days of hard work he finished his first glass dome on the ocean floor, where he made himself a home. Completely determined with a choice of style of his new project he went out to find a hear of the sea, which allowed him to construct underwater on a level never seen on this server before. After robbing eastern swamps from clay he built a first train station in Harmony - Grand Ceghlin, after the opening ceremony he decided to name his underwater settlement Vostorg-12. In the following days he was joined by RandyBeder, a crafty engineer who built most of Harmony's public farms near spawn. DanFunMan calculated resources needed to drain an ocean monument west from the city and published his project's blueprints in from of a book, which he named “R'lyeh or bust”. In such way he tried to attract some sponsors, who would be willing to donate their sponges and other resources to this project, and those sponsors were found soon after book release: caca_de_nariz, ALWX ad Rofler. Monument draining was hard and meticulous work, which is only possible to finish in cooperation, DanFunMan, ALWX and Rolfer drained this site in a couple of evenings and built a prismarine farm using Rofler's technology. ALWX, Rofler and caca_de_nariz became a shareholders in Dan's prismarine business with rights to take thier part of farm's production. Such cooperation laid a foundation to a union between two city-states of Vostorg-12 and Beacon Island, that united into a Alpha Sea Union - republic located mostly in Alpha Ocean waters. After some time of absence, DanFunMan returned to the server in 2021, only to found his city empty. He decided to dedicate some of his time to improve server's culture and infra-structure. He established a geographical museum of Harmony, a “Certified Hood Classics” publishing house and a larger, historio-cultural museum.

non-settlement projects

non-settlement projects

  • Grand Ceghlin - underwater train station
  • Statue of Moloch - large statue somewhere in Nether, also has overworld copy
  • Nylium Weald - piece of desert terraformed to be a nylium biome
  • Spawn City riverside and tridentshop - part of the Spawn City building contract given by feliin
  • Gay Mesa Lab - lab complex around the End Portal, done in a cooperation with caca_de_nariz
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