aka Lolibernd

Occassional power-player, known to be absent for months, then pop in for a big project and leave again. Founder of the islamic settlement Adschman Al Ilol which once had nation status, he was known to react quickly volatile and extreme to minor irritation. Lolibernd was the one who completely disabled the Iron Farm by setting up explosions in the collection room, until it was repaired by ERAID.1)

Notable Feat

  • managing to damage the Iron Farm beyond mod restoration powers2)
  • setting up a huge and profitable guardian farm (Unfortunately, he vanished before making it public as he had intended.)

Some angry german guy who seems to be pretty nice beneath all the swastikas. Often hints that he has regular contact with mods. Fears chicken. Also he is struggling with his abetters Schinkenkatze and Nem_Null.

5Literflasche: spast man bau doch mit der hand ab du spack
5Literflasche: pls benutz nicht deine fuck picke zum abbauen von dirt
5Literflasche: und bau dabei immer mein Haus halb ab
Nem_null: ich reparier doch immer alles

Nem_null: was killed by 5Literflasche using Soft Dick

Nem_null: sry
5Literflasche: >:c

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