House of Winterlyn
Motto Ad Maius Bonum
For the Greater Good
Establishment November 2013
Status Royal House of Winterlyn
Co-ruling house of the 16th Kingdom of Breshik
Head niller1703
Cadet houses House of Zulu-Cavernshire
House of Imperial-Cavernshire
House of Northway


House of Northway

  • His Royal Highness King niller1703
  • Grand Duke BanksyStreetArt
  • Eternal Peasant-Mayor Lastebil175
  • (At one point as a result of Royal Marriages) Tomoko Kuroki

House of Zulu-Cavernshire

  • Grand Duke Sauerei

House of Imperial-Cavernshire

  • High Chief niller1703
  • Duke NyxShooter
  • Chieftain And221296
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