The Order of the Staff

The Order of the Staff'Fedaykin'
Capital: Spawn
Official Languages: English (Mandatory), Deutsch, Lingua Franca (Sabir)
Demonyn: Staff, Admin, Mod
Government: Enlightened Dictatorship
Leader: Feliin
Establishment: April 15th, 2011
Members: ?
Abbreviation: The Staff

The Order of the Staff, or simply The Staff, is the most ancient, enduring, and powerful entity of The Server, it was established to enforce the will of God. Imbued with sacred powers, they are part of the same force that locks chests, furnaces, and prevents permanent death. Members of this order can also banish those who would defy the most basic laws of the land.

Justice is served

In The Age of Innocence

The Order of the Staff is an organization that pre-dates all others. In the earliest times during the Era of Innocence, when the first lands were rendered into existence, the Mandate of Heaven was brought down to the First Administrator of the Peace, Alphabernd, that

'The people should be ruled for the sake of peace and Order.  Thus not by the blade, but by the Staff in fair, resolute conscience.'

Upon accepting this divine mandate, Alphabernd was imbued with mystic powers (such as flight, mastery over all matter, time, and even invulnerability), to aide in his heavenly appointment and was permitted to share a diluted form of it with other earthly vessels deemed worthy, should they swear fidelity. It was after recruiting these vassals that Alphabernd indoctrinated the union as 'The Order of the Staff' to appeal to, and reinforce, the statement and intention of The Divine's will.

The Loss of AlphaBernd

In the realm of Mortals, or the Server (a name in reference to the duty of mortals), in time all things come to pass the threshold of what is into what was; AlphaBernd was not exempted from this fate. In the chaos that followed a stranger arose to claim the title of Administrator, whose name was omgmac. However, soon Omgmac proved to be unfit for the position, and by the will of God, was expelled from the Order. Te3, or Tetete as they are sometimes known, then assumed the mandate to the Divine's blessing.

Te3 & the Age of Oceania

Lest no mortal vessel claim the great powers and greatest of duties, that the world might fall to oblivion, Te3 courageously stood up as the realm's saviour. However, in the chaos between these times the people had become meager and many were lost to the veil of time, their grand constructions remaining as far-flung and forgotten tombstones, a final testimate that they ever were.

By what magic mortals come to be however more arrived; though not as many, not at first anyway. And of those that came, a number were of unfit stock, and growth was marginal. At the start of Two Thousandth and Thirteenth Year, things were grim. Some number even calling for the scattering and rebirth of the world as was done in ancient times, and as could only be done by the Most Divine through their Mortal Vessel, the Administrator of the Peace. It was at this time that Te3 would be tested, to decide what Fates would befall the World of Oceania. After many months of not responding and procrastination, after all hope was lost AlphaBernd took it upon himself to once again provide the autists with a new map. Thus began a new era of history.

The Second Loss of AlphaBernd

AlphaBernd had resigned in January 1st 2019, and feliin has assumed the mandate.

The Staff hold few territories specifically to their name, but instead maintain public spaces for the good of all. Though some individuals of the Staff have made their own settlements which will not be listed here.


Oldspawn (lit. 'Old' + 'Spawn', the dated place of spawning) was the first territory of the new world Oceania, created by the staff as a sanctuary for the displaced peoples. Where the first Holy Temple of the Staff was erected so that those who die might not remain forever dead.

The Arcology

Once referred to as 'new spawn' it is one large, continuous glass dome structure featuring a natural, luscious landscape amongst a frozen tundra. It is also the location of the Server Archives.

Tang's Town

The new, 'new spawn'. Created by whim or grand scheming, the place of Spawn was removed from the glimmering and frigid Arcology into a warm desert.

On many occasions The Staff has been accused of violating their mandate and abusing the powers vested in them, though this is seldom more than the spiteful talk of those who would violate the Divine's will and be punished. Besides day-to-day enforcement of the peace, The Staff sometimes votes on issues petitioned by the people of the world.

In terms of economics, innately by their blessed abilities the Staff have ascended beyond the need of pursuing material things, as they have an unlimited mastery of the materials of this world.

The Staff are first and foremost sworn to uphold the Peace and Goodwill on the Server, however they don't. During the lax hours of need some undertake great building projects for public and private use, aide nations and even help players.

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