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House de Battkhort
Motto Libarare Uganda
Establishment February 4th, 2012
Status Ruling House of Bx.
Membership 21

An aristocratic house comprised of prominent Battkhortians, founded in Minis Aleph and headquartered in Al-Iskandariya. They are known for their great wealth and philanthropy, and are infamous due to their insurrectionary activity and scheming, and their intrepid excursions into unexplored territory at the expense of server stability. Their influence is greatest on the continent of Battkhortostan and in the harbor district of the Minis Aleph, where they've built several establishments, including the undercity.


The history of House de Battkhort began with the Kurwa riots of June 14th. The founders were exiled from the city for hijacking a peaceful protest for democracy and turning it into a violent insurrection in favor of radical socialism, and later forming a seditious party (the True Kurwans). They would found the Battkhortostan RISSR, Kurwa's first rival and among the first nations the server had seen. Battkhortostan would rise and fall (including splitting into two powers in a mostly bloodless civil war) until reaching its height of power as the Federal Republic of Battkhortostan. It was at this time Battkhortostan's old rival Kurwa was transformed into a puppet of Battkhortostan, split into multiple occupation zones, and later neutered from politics. Battkhortostan was left as one of the major powers in the vacuum left by the fall of Kurwa, and was poised to form a new server hegemony as a member of a triumvirate of the three remaining major powers (along with the GAM and Samarkand). However with the failure of omgmac and the creation of the new Oceania map, the leadership decided not to found Battkhortostan once again as a sovereign nation, but to join other disparate settlements. The House de Battkhort was then founded as the first house of Minis Aleph in order to keep Battkhortians united despite not controlling a sovereign nation, and to hold the wealth of Battkhortostan in trust for the benefit of all Battkhortians.

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Deeds and Fiefs

House de Battkhort owns the deeds to the Minis Aleph Royal Chymist and/or Apothecary and Minis Aleph Smithy.

House de Battkhort operates a tavern located in the peon district of Minis Aleph for the benefit of the common folk, the Cosy Yoba.

House de Battkhort is involved in the construction of the Minis Aleph Undercity. Currently the House de Battkhort vault is located there, and the Great Hall of House de Battkhort is being built.

greenkitten holds the newly discovered land of Vinland as the Colonial Grand Duke of the Colonial Grand Duchy of Vinland.

Sikandar rules the Kingdom of Battkhortostan.


caBst's Golden Helmet - War trophy of Battkhortostan's first and most glorious battle, the Battle of Brandenburg.

Killer_Chris's Enchanted Shovel - Shovel used to level pretty much every hill in Novobattkhortsk in preparation for building.

Ghoul's Pumpkin: Ghoul's bumbkin helmet :——-DDDD

Shakomatic's Minecart: stolen by B.U.R.D.O. agents in Operation Enduring Freedom


Current Members

1. In fact, founder and head of a child branch of House de Battkhort, House de Battkhort-Breshik.

Deceased/Missing Members


House de Battkhort holds mixed views of House tis Ródos due to the more recent tension between the nations from which the houses stem. House de Battkhort currently accepts House of Kurwa's legitimacy as ruling house of Minis Aleph.

K_Chris maintains a claim on the Duchy of Cumberland. He forms the head of an offspring branch of House de Battkhort, House de Battkhort-Breshik, which for a time ruled the Kingdom of Battkhortostan. It is now represented as a minor house in the realm of Battkhortostan.

These groups are sponsored by House de Battkhort, directly through control by a house member or indirectly through material aid.

Direct Sponsorship

Indirect Sponsorship


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