The Restored Alpha Nations

The Alpha Nations
Headquarters Spawn
Official Languages English
Government International Assembly
General Secretary To be elected
Establishment 9-5-11
Restablishment 6-8-15
Abbreviation AN


The Charter of the Second Alpha Nations is a set of rules and statements that are binding on Memberstates

As a Assembly all Resolutions passed or proposed are to be published openly



Note - The preamble is non-binding

When the first Bernd walked upon the blocks of dirt on the first day of our world's creation by the almighty Alpha Bernd, the tragedy of war was as of yet unknown unto all Alpha's creations, Bernd and the server created for him knew only peace. Then came others and in their pursuit of their own craftings, and the resulting conflicts, bernd's Eden of peace was shattered. With bernds came fighting and griefing and all the other nasty violations one bernd may cause another. Much butthurt was had; however, for now few rose in aggression against their fellow bernd.

Unfortunately, like the peace of the first bernd, this could not last. As bernd numbers grew, and bernds began feeling feels, and expressing their feels unto the other bernds, and knowing the feels of other bernds to be their own feels, nations arose, and Bernd was segregated by all manner of race and creed unto separate sections of the server.

As nations grew their leaders realized that their own feels did not match those of the leaders of surrounding lands. And thus War was born unto the server, and with it yet more Butthurt came.

Yet for a time Bernd new little of the ways of war, and thus the suffering and butthurt of war was limited. However, as Bernd grew used to conflict, and his nations grew used to war, he did develop better and stronger weapons and armours with which to wage more and bloodier wars then ever He, our Lord protector AlphaBernd, did see his creation wage. And much greater suffering was had, and much more Butthurt was felt.

As we form this Alpha's Nations organization, War has become so bloody and so brutal, that we see it as our duty, both to the Alpha Bernd and to his creations, to protect against the evils of War, to defend the undefended, and most importantly, and central to our organisation's goal: to restore the peace. However, we make no pretense that this is an easy task, rather, we recognize the difficulty and the hardships we must endure before our most noble and sacred goal can be achieved. We recognize that to War, in all her destructive power, may be used to further noble causes as well as ignoble ones, for this reason we do not make it our goal to eradicate War, but rather we make the preservation of the peace, by any means deemed just, our most sacred duty. In this way we hope that one day our great creator AlphaBernd might once again look upon his creation and see a server that knows only peace, and bernds that no longer quarrel and war amongst themselves and amongst their nations, a server divided by feels, but rather one in which a single nation of bernds exists for the betterment of all Berndkind and for the better expression of all feels held by Bernd. With this as our stated goal, hope, and dream for the future of our, and our Lord's, server, we do here by create the Alpha's Nations, long may it preserve the peace and serve our most holy creator, Alpha Bernd.

AN Headquarters

Built and Financed by the Kurwan Empire after YugoTexas selected and reclaimed the land from the sea, finished on the First of September

New Realms Complex

Established in a small dirt hut at spawn

General Assembly

Suspended Members

Former Members

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