Cærula Holdings

Cærula Holdings Limited Partnership
Founded 14-5-2015
Headquarters Prismriver
Shareholders June
Employees 5
Subsidiaries Sigfell Prismarine Ltd.
DKB Solutions Ky.
Walschor East Alpha Company
Abbreviation CH

Cærula Holdings LP. is a holdings company that manages the assets of the erstwhile Cærulean Federation through its various subsidiaries.

Name Title
June General partner, Founder
P_P_A General partner, Founder
Venomthrope General partner, Founder
Sidmarcus01 Limited partner
yeti30 Limited partner

Sigfell Prismarine Limited

Sigfell Prismarine Ltd. owns the settlement of Prismriver, its guardian farm and real estate, as well as Sigfell Island. Its shareholders are the people who helped construct the guardian farm, including (among others) CaptNOwen, GideonSpires, and yeti30. As of recent, CEO June has expanded the company's scope to include underwater transportation infrastructure.

DKB Solutions Kommandiittiyhtiö

Founded by venomthrope, DKB Solutions Ky., headquartered in Death Knell Bay, is a mining and mercenary company, specialising in elegant underground solutions. During a recent economic downturn, it was forced to lay off some of its employees.

Walschor East Alpha Company

P_P_A owns and runs the WEAC, which operates across the southern oceans of Alpha's Realm. Its headquarters are located on Ostrow Island, but its activities extend well beyond that. The company owns shares of Sigfell Prismarine Ltd., it runs plantations and trades in slaves in Transmaad, operates a store at the New Spawn, and is investing in shipbuilding.

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