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 +====== Office of National Intelligence ======
 +<WRAP right 315px>
 +^    //**Office of National Intelligence**////​Oficina Nacional de Inteligencia//​ \\ //​Γραφείο της Εθνικής Υπηρεσίας Πληροφοριών// ​    ^^
 +|    {{ :​nations:​rhodes:​office_of_national_intelligence.png?​150 |}} \\ //Seal of the O.N.I.// ​  ||
 +| Established | //​Classified//​ |
 +| Country | [[nations:​merchant_republic_of_west_rhodes|Merchant Republic of West Rhodes]] |
 +| Size | //​Classified//​ |
 +| Part of | West Rhodes Armed Forces |
 +| Motto | //Semper Vigilans// |
 +| Lord Chief of Staff | //​Classified//​ |
 +| Abbreviation | ONI |
 +The West Rhodes **Office of National Intelligence** (<wrap lo>​**Spanish:​**</​wrap>​ //Oficina Nacional de Inteligencia//​ <wrap lo>​**Greek**:</​wrap>​ //​Γραφείο της Εθνικής Υπηρεσίας Πληροφοριών//​ [<wrap lo>//​Grafeío ti̱s Ethnikí̱s Ypi̱resías Pli̱roforió̱n//</​wrap>​]) is the intelligence and counter intelligence operations service branch of the **West Rhodes Armed Forces**. The ONI works for the national and international security of West Rhodes and all other major nations. It enforces the will of the House of Lords inside and outside of the [[nations:​merchant_republic_of_west_rhodes|Merchant Republic of West Rhodes]].
 +It conducts espinage operations on ONI //​Classified//​ nations. As a matter of fact, anything related to the ONI is //​Classified//,​ and so should be this article.
 +From now on this article is //​Classified//​.
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