The Enviro-Anarchist state of West West Battkhortostan

The Enviro-Anarchist state of West West BattkhortostanWest West Battx

Flag drawn with environmentally sustainable non-toxic crayons on recycled paper
Capital none
Official Languages English
Demonyn Filthy hippy scum
Government Anarco-Environmentalist commune
Leader None
Establishment whenever man
Abbreviation west west battx

The Enviro-Anarchist state of West West Battkhortostan (often shortened to West west Battx is the first anarco-environmentalist state on the server. The state was created during the Battkhortostan civil war by a freed Yev named John, upon seeing the error of his environmentally unsustainable house, the evil capitalistic ways of Western Battkhortia and the overly authoritarian ways of Battkhortostan, John decided to break away from these 2 evils and form his own nation.


West West Battx is located West of The United States of Western Battkhortia, and West west of Battkhortostan on a small green island.

Map created with Non-toxic environmentally friendly crayons on a recycled 1962 issue of Time magazine

Politics and culture

The Anarco-environmentalist mentality of the commune forbids mining for minerals and using non-sustainable recources. This has caused a lot of trouble for the commune due to the Battx civil war, as raiders easily slaughter any inhabitants.
In recent times the commune has become a refuge for yevs, protecting them from the apartheid in Kovanje and the wrath of B.E.N.I.S.
It should be noted that this nation still technically exists. Since this nation has no official leader it cannot accept or decline war offers, treaties and alliances.


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