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Slavia Confederation

Slavia ConfederationКонфедерация Славия
Конфедерація Славія
 Coat of Arms
 Political map of Slavia
Capital Alexandria
Newspaper Правда Руська
Official Languages Slavspeak
Broken English
Demonyn -ic
Government Magnate Republic
Leader alex_lopatin
Establishment De facto: January 2013
De jure: April 2015
Population 6
Abbreviation SC
Motto Жи есть жи, бротуха!

Early period

The island was fully mapped on 21 September 2012 by a group of Goraskian colonists, fleeing from the boredom of Soviet life. They've brought what little resources they've possessed and led a quiet life for many month, building modest structures and bringing doom upon the nearby yev villages. Poor little things, those yevs.

Nation foundation

In January 2013, a huge influx of friendly slav settlers, and later in March at least one lost and confused westerner, arrived on the shores. The natives accepted the newcomers and founded a confederate nation whereas every one of the settlers was granted a patch of land to rule as a magnate. Their arrival marks an unprecedented rise of construction, spreading into the unhabitated parts of the island and nearby landmasses as well. With Slavia founding and gaining political and economical momentum, at least one of the yev villages is being revitalized in a full-blown city castle and plans on reviving others exists as well.


The core of Slavia was situated in a large island south of Rosentown. It also claims the former yev village rebuilt into a glorious city of Żydograd, the Anusland islands to the North and the desert shoreline of the northwestern island where an another yev village was situated.


The wise magnates of Slavia use an ancient «моя хата скраю» doctrine while doing internal affairs which roughly means that everybody keeps to themselves and doesn't give a shit about what's going on elsewhere.


Slavia still experiences the Soviet past remniscence, manifestated in its communistic economy. Given the politics outlined above, some bourgeous keep their small profits to themselves, but most resource exchange is done by «from everybody by his ability, to everybody by his need» rule.
Slavia hasn't established much economical ties yet, but potential export articles include insane amounts of farming produce thanks to one of the largest automatic fields. Slavia has also recently begun producing delicious, high-quality, organic produce as an alternative option to redstone-grown factory farms, to showcase their softer side.

After a long time the idea is revived.

In March, 2015 Sevastopolis and Meelly have landed on the Alpharealm and gone for some days to the east to new virgin lands, to clear shores of unnamed seas, huge lakes, high mountains and rivers full of water. The trip was very hard and rough (Meelly died about 10 times on the way, c-c-combo rib) but at least a couple of pilgrims had reach Imandra lake and Risjok falls beyond it, where had been founded the first settlement - Bomzhy Hut in Rischorr mountain.

Later, after resources had been collected, have come the time to found a capital. Implying >new capital >on seashore in the mouth of a river it has been decided to build in style of Petersburg and to call Celestial Makhachkala Lemberg.

Because of Sevastopolis and Meelly have gone, in June 2015 elections took place. Elections brought a new leader of Slavia - alex_lopatin.


It is still living by “моя хата с краю”-doctrine. Slavia is uninvolved state.

  • 0. Individual freedom ends where another's freedom begins.
  • 1. No griefing.
  • 2. No shitbuilding. Criteria of “shitbuild” is wide enough and remains at Meelly's discretion, however, it is quite enough not to build in ukrainian architercture way.
  • 3. Each Landlord has his own land to absolute rule.
  • 4. In order to avoid conflicts with other nations griefers, if a fact of griefing has been proved by mods' logs, may be extradited.
  • 5. Desicions makes by the Council of all interested Landlords by consensus.
  • 6. Rules of the Supreme Court belongs to current leader of Slavia Confederation.

In cause of lands of Slavia lays near to Breshik domains, there has been decided to solve a border issue, so after that northen border os Slavia has been determined, Marijoki swamps had included in Slavia and the treaty has been sealed by dynastic marriage between King Shacomatic and Princess Meelly.

Slavia-Сhernolesovsk union

In April, 2015 Meelly and Dmigis have proclamed union between mostly depopulated and abandoned Chernolesovsk and rising Slavia in attept to safe the legacy of 2ch's colony. Dmigis have recieved a role of the third ruler of Slavia with Sevastopolis and Meelly and reserved a power over Chernolesovsk as self-governing settlement.

Settlements and landmarks

Because of it's very large area and low population density Slavia is not very developed nation yet. But some things are remarkable. At first, it is extremely long system of overworld metro (called Slavia Rail), that runs from New Spawn through Revda, Tersk Bank and Swan meadows to Lemberg, and each station is very rich decorated and has it's own design. The third is the very huge full-automatic store building on Place d'Éponine Thénardier in Lebmerg that is unfinished (and non-working) still. Another one is Holy Kaaba. Slavia accepts any religion and now any muslim from server could make a Hajj, and any mosque has Qibla. Danger! Kaaba has been equipped with a funny surprise for muslims, be careful!


Public use contraptions that are more complex than a piston with a lever attached are described in the High Tinker's bulletin.

As a result of the closed elections, alex_lopatin have become a president of Slavia Confederation.

Around slavs never relax.

Slavia war ensign  Supreme Court's palace  Supreme Court's palace  Supreme Court's palace  Slavia  Fernando

Slavia Rail network map

 Imandra  New Spawn  Tersk Bank  Prima Slavia

 Place d'Éponine Thénardier  Fishermen Penensula  Rischorr  Swan Meadows

 Marijoki Swamps  Liberation Plains  Low Kabarda  Keiva Hills

  • agp22888
  • ambidekstr
  • BabyFire
  • karnes
  • kemicalburn (washed up on island March 2013)
  • Kerita
  • lelik
  • lesia
  • logiartis got sick of shitty slavs and abandoned us leaving his castle behind. RIB
  • Meelly
  • Mon4ez
  • nabigator
  • Pahom
  • Sevastopolis
  • toxa
  • VadeMecum
  • Vantique
  • xela
  • xunta
  • zhigl
  • Sevastopolis, Supreme Landlord of Slavia, Landlord of Rischorr and Main Engeneer
  • meelly, Crown Princess and Arch-Architect
  • Le_liberator, Landlord of Liberation plains
  • shiten, Landlord of Fishermen penensula
  • eagle223, Landlord of North Bank of Risjok
  • MathiasTheBro, Landlord of Goltsovka River
  • Vince34, Landlord of Praetorius Hills and Keiva Hills
  • alex_lopatin, Landlord of Low Kabarda
  • Asmodeus, Landlord of Ekostrov
  • another_day,
  • Pahom, Landlord of North Cheryomushki
  • Dmigis. Landlord and Sovereign Ruler of Chernolesovsk
  • alex_lopatin
  • Pahom
  • Vince34, Landlord of Praetorius Hills and Keiva Hills
  • Nomgol
  • rakodil
  • planBkiev
  • JIa3aPeT
  • Sofkamer
  • JohnDoe, Landlord of Revda island
  • RedernVolt
  • Hule
  • Nanashi
  • Vince34, Landlord of Praetorius Hills and Keiva Hills
  • Vince34, Landlord of Praetorius Hills and Keiva Hills (From this moment, Vince34 joined to HRC as autonomous region Slavia)
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