Provisional Government of West Rhodes to Nova Kurwa
Capital Nova Kurwa
Official Languages English
Chairman caBst
Established 10-29-2011
Dissolution 11-1-2011
Population ~34
Abbreviation PGNK

Provisional Government of West Rhodes to Nova Kurwa

The PGNK was the interim government of Kurwa from Ctober 29 to November 1 considered by some as a Sovereignity Infringement Attempt of Kurwa conducted by caBst. The Provisional Government of West Rhodes to Nova Kurwa is the current established government for the Council State of Nova Kurwa and its territories administered by the Merchant Republic of West Rhodes. Following the resignations of the two only memebers of the Kurwan Council, FordTempo was self-proclaimed as leader of Kurwa to guarantee order and constitutional right. Mazznoff and testytigershark were appointed advisors by him to aid in the implementation of order in the now anarchist nation.

The 29th of October, caBastard made a request to Alphabernd; he requested to be given the powers to summon a provisional government to guarantee the existance of Nova Kurwa. The powers were granted by Alphabernd and so caBst became de facto leader of Nova Kurwa until he designates a new trusted government for Nova Kurwa.

As of mid October, the two iron fists of Nova Kurwa where nobody to be seen. Rosenmann's last words were him “ragequtting” after having his mod rights suspended by AlphaBernd for the actions Rosen commited after the events of the Spawn Riots. Since that day, Rosenmann has not come back. And thus v1adimirr was left as the sole leader of Kurwa until he allegedly was going to be distant from the game because of his new girlfriend and midterm exams. For a long period of time, people believed the return of v1adimirr was going to be sooner or later until v1adimmir himself wrote on his wiki article Après moi, le déluge which can be left for many interpretations although they all move around after I leave I dont care about the shitstorm. This has been considered by many as v1adimirr's official quitting statement. FordTemp proclaimed himself as the new leader of Kurwa but he would make no change for he is not a frequent player.

Creation of the PGNK

Besides being a Lord of West Rhodes, caBst was never deposed of his old seat in the Old Kurwan Imperial Council. Being a nostalgic Kurwan, he was not willing to see the claimed-succesor of Kurwa to fall into anarchism and misery, so he requested to Alphabernd the powers to create a provisional government to guarantee the existance of Kurwa.


Under a lot of heat, caBastard decided to speed up the transition program. After a lot of thinking and analyzing the situation, testytigershark was choosen as the most trustworthy person to continue the existence of Nova Kurwa. He was officially put on top of Kurwa as the New Chancellor of the State of Nova Kurwa.

As chairman of the PNGK caBastard has taken the following actions.

  • Deposal of mazznoff as Kurwan advisor. I never were an advisor in 1.8
  • Abolishment of the Common Empire.
  • Temporary deposal of Ford Tempo.
  • Disolution of the Kurwan Council.
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