Commonwealth of Onionland

Commonwealth of OnionlandRzeczpospolita Cebulandzka
Capital Szczebrzeszyn
Official Languages Polish
Demonyn Onionish
Government Noble National-Catholic People's Democratic Republic
Leaders Marshall Blendzior
General Secretary Enton
Primate Koinucian
Motto Jan Paweł 2 Jebał Małe Dzieci('In Pope We Trust')
Establishment 17-02-2013
Population ~12
Abbreviation Onionland, Cebulandia
Anthem Mądrości Janusza

Thanks God it's dead.


One day lots of Poles came and wanted to build together. They found a cosy plain and started building ukrainian buildings and flooding chat with Polish.

Age of Polonophobia and Finnish Wars

Some people didn't liked how chat is flooded with potatospeak and decided to stop this polonisation. Brave men from all over the server came to Onionland several times to force poles to speak english by fighting them. Many epic battles have taken place. Some of them were initiated by the anti-polish coalition like Operation Kurwa Mac, others where provocated by poles like papiezowyblues' troll. All of these battles always ended with endless butthurt of both sides.

Because Poland is first to fight and one war is not enough for brave hussars, Onionlanders started a conflict with Finngols. With help from the oppressed by the unfamous finnish dictator, the colony of Walefinów was started. Brave onion people used it as a military base for future wars for few days. As soon as the settlement was founded the leader of Finngolia used his powers to ruin the fun and expel poles from their colony. Time will tell about end of this conflict.

Shakomatic Trying to Find the Polish Leader

The Exodus

After few months most of poles left the server. Creation of new Karachan's server finally left Onionland abandoned and forgetten. None of players who left is willing to come back.

Located in south of an unnamed continent somewhere between new spawn and Breshik.

After a long time of anarchy Onionlanders finally accepted to pick three persons to represent their nation. The voting was held and first triumvirate of Onionland was chosen.

1st Triumvirate of Onionland
Name Title Institution Function
Blendzior Marshall Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence Taking care of relations with other nations and leading The Army of Onion
Enton General Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure Keeping in ordnung roads, railroads, farmlands etc.
Koinucian Primate Ministry of Love Making love and nice things

Provisional Government

Since there are only two active Onionlanders left both Enton And Koinu are given absolute power untill the revival of Onionland happens.

Rich in coal. Very rich. Black gold makes this nation stronk.

Because Polan's known of potatoes there are plans to make Onionland #1 producer of this tasty vegetable.

Poles have no culture. Infa 1488%. Hatred for ordnung.

Archival Census

These are the rightful citizens of Oniongrad. Remember that all Onionlanders are polish, but not all polish are Onionlanders. We are not responsible for everything that every polish speaking idiot did on the server. PS. this is true

Deprivied of Citizenship

These people commited crimes against onionish nation and thus they've nothing to do with rightful Onionlanders.

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