Kingdom of Lanno-Condeura

Kingdom of Lanno-Condeura
Capital Daoine City
Official Languages English
Demonyn Condeurian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Leader Darynu
Establishment 3-14-2015
Population 11
Abbreviation KLC
National Anthem Anthem
National Religion Weh

Lanno-Condeura was officially established as a nation on the fourteenth day in the month of March, in the year of our Lord Twenty Hundred and Fifteen. This day, is also known as Pi-Day, or to the Condeurians, the first of many Conduera Power Hours.

The original lands of Condeura were set up north of the first spawn in a swamp. This land was to be our holy lands when map expansions began, with the mountain to our side promising new minerals for our wealth. Before the citizens were able to convert this mountain to a profitable casino, the server became stale. Many Condeurians went away, and some never returned. The land still sits there today, abandoned and rotting away.

Upon the server's revival in 2015, Darynu began to search for a land to settle. He found a nice looking bay, and decided upon staying there. Over time, the Condeurians made the long and arduous trip one by one, and began settling in the surrounding lands, thus providing the seeding for the multiple territories. The bay in which Darynu settled became known as Port Conwy, and was the former capital of the nation.

Ancient Condeurian Lands

We have claimed land to the south of our nation that was not accessible to us until more recent times. We take this land to compensate the High Dukes loss of land for the central capital project. The central capital is a free build area for all Condeurians.

The culture of Condeurians includes classical Condeurian virtues such as brotherhood, freedom, independence, revelry, and honor. The Condeurian people are a very close people who do not let formalities clutter their personal lives. When with other Condeurians, and other friends, they tend to have a habit of starting friendly duels, festivities, and other forms of loud and active celebrations. However, when necessary, they are indeed capable of a more refined attitude in the company of guests.

Condeura Power Hours

During a time in which the citizens of Condeura contribute at least 50% of the server's present members (members logged in at the moment), a Condeura Power Hour will be declared. Generally, a Condeura Power Hour is began by one citizen asking someone for the time, followed by shouting the phrase “Condeura Power Hour”, possibly followed by multiple more bellows of the phrase, expressions of joy, and other general loudness. Upon the arrival of enough other server members to end the Power Hour, it is quite common for the Condeurians to express a feeling of sadness. However, this sadness cannot be taken for a broken spirit, as they will only be ever the more joyous and triumphant come the next Condeura Power Hour.

The current main export of Lanno-Condeura is our luxury soil, dug from the shitty unfinished area surrounding Fort Voliton. Further, factories in the Forgotten Forest have been creating an income of gold, bones, and arrows. There is also a large amount of stone being processed from the strip mines.

The citizens of the kingdom and their respective roles are as follows:


Name Role Area Owned
Darynu King Conwy Woods

High Dukes

Name Role Area Owned
Noyaeleven Military Leader Fort Voliton
Kitty4fun Economy Leader Forgotten Forest
Evilmirror123 Top Bitch Bitch Mountain
MaxLedeba Arts Leader Eryn Forest


Name Role Under… Area Owned
Melkin21 Oberst-Gruppenführer Noyaeleven “Maybe” -Melkin21
White_Kyurem123 Chancellor of Potatoes Kitty4fun Dongerton
DDPL(Deadcrow1482) Duke Kitty4fun N/A
Salah Emir Darynu Umm al Asufli
  • Coolcoconut97: Citizen
  • HenryDUDE126: Citizen
  • The_Broski: Dead
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