Katten Khanate

Katten Khanate خانات قاتطهنلی カッタン 汗国 Katten Kağanlığı
Каттенский Каганат
Lófasz a seggedbe

The Imperial Flag of Katten Khan

Coat of Arms

Leaders Kovio (Currently running the Khaganate)
Greenkitten (de facto)
Capital Katarbad
Official Languages Unknown
Demonyn Katar
Government Khanate
Establishment The Khanate is Infinite
Population Unknown
Abbreviation KK
Religion Freedom of Religion
Anthem Come Out Ye Reds and Gams
Preceeded By
Greenland Greenland
Battx Battkhortostan
tora_flagu.jpg Tora
flag-of-auri.jpg Auri
Soviet Republic

The Katten Khanate (Commonly reffered to as The Mongols or The Horde) are a warmongering group of mongols that are now part of the Katten Khaganate. Their purpose on the server is to create war and give nations a reason to exist. Some say they are nothing but griefers and troublemakers. They are known to build yurts in desert biomes next to thriving nations to provoke conflict.

The spiritual successor of Greenland, members of the settlement accompanied and supplied by Battkhortostan settled the Katar Desert, a desert region on the continent of Tora, in early 2012. Lead by Khan Kovio, this horde threw away all international law, and vowed that it would take over the entire world. The Katars expanded, and conquered all that opposed them until finally leaving everyone under their rule, at least for a short while.


The area of Katarbad, the first Katar settlement was founded by Greenland and Battkhorastani settlers and travelers, united by a man who called himself Khan Kovio. These Greenlanders and Battkhorastans would from then on refer to themselves as Katars, and were now the founders of what would soon be the Katten Khanate. The then leadership of the Katten Khanate vowed to take over the entire server, and Khan Kovio's reason for his little yurt in the middle of a desert, a kilometre west of the Principality of Tora would soon come into fruition.

Invasion of Tora

Main Article: Raid of Tora

The Katars, not being very wise on the political landscape of the world they now vowed to conquer, mistook the Torans as members of the GAM. This was their first target in their conquest. Due to the inactivity of the Torans, all the Katars could do was raid. This was the first 'major' raid.

Siege of Eien-Kyo

Main Article: Siege of Eien-Kyo

After defeating the Torans(who seemed to be inactive), the Katars set their sights for the original asian Empire, the GAM. While wanting to be on friendly terms and promoting Asian solidarity, the Katten Khanate extended a very generous offer to the GAM for the to great nations to join forces. This included the GAM keeping all forms of government and just paying tribute to the great Khanate. While this offer of friendship and co-operation would have benifitted all involved Mystia rejected it without a second thought. The GAM then proceeded to mock the Khanate and its members, declaring some traitors and comparing the Khanate to insects. This didn't sit well with the Khanate and they decided to pay a friendly visit to the GAM. Ein-Kyo was besieged, crops were destroyed, Queen Mystia was horribly injured, never to be seen in the political landscape for a long time.

Second Battle of Tora

Main Article: Battle of Tora

In retaliation to the rages, and sieges. The GAM rallied up the Torans to help fight the Katars. They sent many raids on Katarbad, killing few. However, the Torans made a fatal mistake. They continued raiding after their GAM support had declared it a victory. Will a only a small guerilla force, lusting for revenge they fought back the Torans who kept relentlessly coming back. After nearly pushing them back to the area of what would be the Great Wall of Tora, one of the Torans dropped a magical sword that would greaty influence the tide of this battle. The GAM now had come back to Tora to assist their allies, but it was already too late. A combined force of only K_Chris and Kovio attacked the then populus city of Tora, armed militamen at every turn and slaughtered all of the inhabitants. After fighting, and many, many relentless attacks from the Toran militia, divine intervention came. The Torans left only attacking with their fists, and all materials from the ordeal were stockpiled and never returned to the Torans.

The Khan did not survive the ordeal and was promptly banned for the first time.

Tomb of the Khan
The tomb of the Khan, adorned with the sacred crest of the Katar.

Fall of the First Empire

The Mongol Wars in full swing, things were looking good for the Khans. However, constant raids on the GAM and Tora were angering the new god, who struck down the Khan. Unfortunately, the death of Kovio Khan left the Katars at ends with each other, and Killer_Chris took over the Empire. Greenkitten scouted out a new desert and the mongols moved, leaving unknown horrors and traps in Katarbad. Later however, the katars were greeted by someone named Chen. She claimed to be the only child of the Khan Kovio. She was given the new title of Khanum_Chen. This would be the start of the short lived, Chen Khanate. During this time, Tora was finally defeated through diplomatic means. Tora would then become the Katten Khanate's first vassal, and a very valuable ally in the days to come.

Soviet-Mongol Wars

After taking over Tora, and defeating all that remained of GAM, the Soviet Union poked it's head onto the political scene. Almost instantly as they declared their return the Katten Khanate declared war on them, but unlike other nations who surrendered, the Soviets took up the Khanate's war offer and proceeded to take part in the Soviet-Mongol wars.

These battles would mark the largest amount of nationalism, and culture for the nation. The National Anthem would be written at this time, by a young Khan Kovio II, during the devastating battle of Fort Gorask. The times were looking grim, but the Katten Khanate prevailed.

After suffering many losses from the battle of Fort Gorask, many Katar's had no faith in the current leadership and cared not for the war. This would make many of them defect, and set sail what is now known as the Kovanje Vrystaat. This would be the first Afrikatar settlement.

The time for a 2nd battle came, and being short on numbers Khan Kovio II raised an army of massive size. This time GAM was aiding the Soviets who were extrememly short on men who were tied up being tried for War Crimes at Tetown. The GAM and Soviet forces planned to attack Fort Yurt, and take it over which would severly hurt the Katten Khanate's economic power, and lower the morale. However, through uses of inside knowledge and pure force the Katten Khanate turned a would-be defensive battle, into an offensive one. After short fighting, the entire combined GAM and Soviet forces were wiped out. The Katten Khanate suffered minimal casualties, and reaped the benefits of the loot. But, just as fast as the horde summoned by Khan Kovio, just as fast as it was gone.

The battle of Kovkorum. This was the final battle that put the final nail in the Soviet Unions coffin. After much fighting, and skirmishes, and raids the final battle was finally here. The Katar forces set up a makeshift fort, and so did the soviet forces. The Soviet forces being extemely low on forces had to spend their entire reserves on diamond armour, to equip their entire makeshift army that was composed of mostly mercenaries. When the battle finally happened, the Soviet forces were swiftly crushed by the massive Katten army. With the full fighting force of Tora, Bremen, Auri, Battkhorastan, and a large horde summoned by the Khan the Katars were not ready to lose this battle. Lose they did not, later that day a peace treaty was signed by Khan Kovio, and then Chairman of the Soviet Union, Fegelein. The Soviet Union was absorbed into the Katten Khanate.

Soviet War of Independance

This not only marked the end of the largest war the server has ever seen, but also the end of the Soviet Union. After the signing of the treaty, Chairman Fegelein took a leave of absence. He left the leadership position to a Herr Klemen. This was a grave mistake for Fegelein because most of the Soviet Union rejected the idea of being ruled by the Katten Khanate, infact a majority didn't even know they lost. Klemen was a large supporter of Soviet independance, and supported nationalist fighters such as Aradesh and Ivana. After a combined Katten and Bremen forces occupied the Soviet Capital for a few days massacreing any dissidence they thought they had quelled all nationals.

This was not the case however. Ivana and Aradesh, two Soviet Nationalists decided to defect from the Katten run Soviet union and form their own nation, in opposition to Katar rule. After much help with the surveilance team at Dynco, the rebel settlement was finally found. Khan Kovio ordered the entire demolition of the entire settlement. In just a matter of hours the entire settlement was burned down, bombed, and booby traps set up everywhere to kill anyone who even tried to look at the wreckage. This however was quickly noticed by the internation tribune, who promptly arrested Khan Kovio and Sikandar on war crime charges.

Pax Kataria

After most Soviet dissidence was quelled or rather the Katten administration stopped caring everything seemed fine for the Katten Khanate. Population growth went up, and they were even colonising more near Kovanje Vrystaat. Most of the population of the deserts that the Katars had originally resided on had been left abandoned. Most of the population had took the journey to Kovanje in hope of a better life. Kovanje was rich in untouched minerals, and was the first area in the world to legalise slavery. Farms were set up in Dynstaad, mining camps were set up, a harbour was even made. The Katten Administration however grew bored. They had finally reached their goal of Global Hegemoney. Later, the Katten administration went inactive, leaving the populace of Kovanje and the rest of the vassals to fend for themselves. During this time Kovanje grew, and grew, and grew. Then one day everyone virtually dissapeared, packed up to leave for a new world.

During this time with the inactivity of Kovio, Striker2117 aka Ronald 'Reagan' Grundeswald, Chairman of the Grundescorp took over the Katten Khanate. Keeping Kovio informed of all the happenings every now and then.

Katar-Breshikan War For Hegemony

During the Fall of 2012, the notorious Breshik came back into the picture. Just like that, the Katten Khanate was back. At least, Kovio was back. Not much of the Katten Khanate remained, they were busy with other things and not many really wanted another war or even saw Breshik as enough of a threat to care about. Kovio agreed with these concerns and decided to not wage a war against Breshik for now. However, soon enough even after some friendly diplomatic talks, Breshik declared war on the Katten Khanate. Claiming what the Katten Khanate had claimed nearly a year ago, the entire server.

This proved a extremely fatal mistake for Breshik however. Soon enough, Breshik was occupied by the Katten Khanate. Due to the boisterous attitude of the Breshikan Administration, the Katten Khanate felt right to send a message to the Breshikans. They slaughtered nearly the entire village, first demanding that they defect to the Katten Khanate. Strangely enough, while many of them wanted nothing to do with the war and just wanted to be left in peace, many still swore fealty to Shakomatic.

Before this however, known terrorist and Anti-Katten advocate joined the Breshikan forces. The Katten administration had a long standing grudge on Ivan and decided it would be neccesary to completely get rid of him once and for all. His settlement of Wissendorf was immediatley occupied, Greenlit by their neighbour of New Rhodes who was currently very hostile towards Breshik. Over the course of the next few days Wissendorf was occupied, and all resistance was quickly quelled. At the end of it, Ivanidiot left and the leadership was given to Venomthrope and New Rhodes the authority over it.

During this time, Kovio and Striker devised a plan that would end this war once and for all in favour of the Katten Khanate. Striker having been the de-facto leader of the Katten Khanate decided to declare pseudo-independance and forge a relationship with Shakomatic. This was incredibly successful, and the Khatten Bay-Katten Khanate feud was an issue of great debate. Many fake documents were forged between Kovio and Striker, and Striker and Shakomatic and tensions increased.

After many many more raids on Breshik, and the hunting down of anyone who dared allign themselves with Breshik, Shakomatic finally signed a document that handed over Breshik to Striker in his leave of absense. Soon enough, Striker signed a document handing over Breshik, and the Katten Bay Company over to Kovio. The name of the Katten Khanate was then officially changed to the Katten Bay Company. A corporate partnership between Kovio and Striker, with all the former holdings of the Katten Khanate.

After The Breshikan Defeat

After Breshik was defeated, many of the territories that were not directly held by Breshik began to willingly defect to the Katten Khanate, New Lorraine and Kriegstein were now vassals of the Katten Khanate. And so, Breshik fell once more, and the Katten Khanate stood triumpantly.

Return of the Horde

After some time of inactivity the Mongols returned and found that former Breshikian territories had defected back to Breshik causing bad relations once again. Attempting to broker a peace treaty with the Khanate, Breshik leaders hired Grundescorp. When talks fell through the Mongols hired mercenaries and raided the Breshikian territories once again, beginning the second Mongol-Breshik war.
Finding their vassals in the middle of a civil war the Mongols decided to support the original communist Battkhortostan. While dealing with these conflicts the Great Khan formed the Katten Khaganate leaving the leadership of the Khanate to the next in line.

See also: Grande Armée

The Katten Khanate has had every biome imaginable under it's direct and indirect control.


Toran Continent
  • Katar Desert (カター砂漠, Katar Çölü, قطر چول‎)
    • Katarbad
The Toran continent
Consisting of only Katar desert and Katarbad after the succession of Tora
Hu and Katar


A viking outpost founded by Battkhorti explorers.

Soviet Republic

Upon their loss and capitulation in the Soviet-Mongol Wars, the Soviet Republic was incorporated into the Katten Khanate, represented by Fegelein

Soviet Republic

Former territories

For one reason or another these territories are no longer part of the Khanate, though some may still have some affiliation to them.

Battkhortostanian Continent

The leaders of Battkhortostan ceded power to the Khanate after some time of inactivity, and became their vassal. After some more inactivity and the return of the Great Khan the Khaganate was born, making Battkhortostan a separate state within the new Kattan entity.

location of battx
Battkhortostani lands while under Khanate control.

Auri, as a vassal of Battkhortostan, became a secondary vassal of the Khanate when her patron became a vassal. On March 8, Auri terminated the union with Battkhortostan without prejudice. Not long after it joined the Khaganate.


With the sole intention to piss off the GAM this small camp was erected. Almost 2 years later long after the death of the GAM the camp was packed up and moved along.

The United Toran continent

Joined the Khaganate after the return of the great khan.

The former extent of the Katten Khanate's United Toran continent

Areas under Mongol protection

These territories while not oficially Khanate vassals have the sworn protection of the Khanate

Bogan isles

Some mongols made their homes on these islands and therefore have been granted the protection of the Khanate.

the location of the bogan isles

As a settlement that is being supported by one of the Khanate's vassal states the Mongols have extended their protection over these favela monkeys Brazillians as well.

See also Mongol Wars

The Khanate has no real leadership, with its citizens instead having a hive mentality. Kovio Khan (when not in exile) is the official leader, when not available Greenkitten takes charge.
The Khanate has also declared war upon the server in hopes of uniting all the people. These are known as the Mongol Wars.

The Battkhortstani explorers brought with them tonnes of iron and diamond, originally ransacked from nations such as Badfacia and specifically players such as everyone in Badface except for Tangaloa, which the Khanate is now using to forge the world's greatest armoury. [Which will still be dwarfed in comparison to Badfacian architecture,metallurgy,and potato magics] Yeah nah, you're a cunt.

Environmental friendliness

As explained in this article the mongols are environmentally friendly.

Like-minded individuals who agree that all is to be sacrificed for the future of the Khanate. You gibe or we take.


War is an essential part of of the Katten Khanate's culture, it is the only activity in which all the mongols gather. When there is no wars happening the Khanate goes idle, waiting for an opportunity to strike, though this bottles up some bloodlust and occationally some members need to vent by killing innocents.

War songs

Sometimes the Khanate likes to sing songs about war, they even a theme for the soviet-weeaboo wars called Come out ye Reds and GAMs

Pillaging and Looting

Pillaging and looting are the favourite past times of the horde. Most supplies owned by the Khanate are from these two actions, it is very rare to find a Mongol farming or mining supplies when they could easily just steal or plunder them.


While the Khanate takes an official stance stating that they don't condone griefing, some members still continue to partake in the act. Slaughtering farm animals and destroying farms of any description are socially accepted in the Khanate under the pretense of, or during, a raid.


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