This nation is an April Fool's Joke. It does not exist, New Finngolia and Nieuw Walschor remain separate nations.


Finnschor EmpireSuomenrannan Suurruhtinaskunta
Finnschorse Rijk
1st April 2013
Capital U.K.K. Island
Official Languages Finnish
Demonyn Finnschorer
Government Diarchy
Heads of State King P_P_A
Venomthrope Rex
Population ~6

The Finnschor Empire was founded when the Duchy of Nieuw Walschor merged with New Finngolia as a reaction to stagnant population and the growing threat the Empire of Kijima posed to both nations' island colonies.


Though the Duchy of Nieuw Walschor and New Finngolia had long been rivals vying for control of the Sea of Florina, in the weeks preceding the creation of the Finnschor Empire relations had warmed as both nations cooperated in the development of Exile Island. In the meantime, the island empire of Kijima had experienced rapid growth and was annexing surrounding islands. Feeling threatened by its aggressive demeanour, New Finngolia and Nieuw Walschor, both lacking in population numbers, decided to unite their forces to face the common enemy.

Finnschor encompasses all the land of its two predecessor states. As such, it possesses two capitals, one in the snowy north, and Voelhaven in the south, near the spawn. Its reach extends all throughout the Sea of Florina, encompassing dozens of islands including Trybik on Kvenland, Noord Wortland, or Exile Island.

Finnschor is a rare diarchy, headed by two kings: Venomthrope of New Finngolia and P_P_A of Walschor. Both wield the authority in their respective halves of the empire, and decide on matters of foreign affairs or joint public engineering projects together.

The economies of both predecessor state complemented reach other, and resulted in an efficient division of labour. The hinterland of Voelhaven as well as many of the former Nieuw Walschorer colonies have a high agricultural output, while ethnic Finngol miners continue to procure rare minerals from the seabed around the empire's islands.

Snowy polders, potatoes and vodka.

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