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Government-in-exile of the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Evergreen

PDSR Evergreen
Motto At least we have Healthcare
Capital Vikingrad
Local Languages English
Demonyn Evergreckoan
Government Single-Party Communist Dictatorship
Interim Leader Killer_Chris
Establishment 10-25-2011
Population 2
Abbreviation none

Acting as an agent of Communism, the MP of the Evildoer Evergreen announced an unrecognised state just to make caBst mad. It's totally Commie land and belongs to NECHTOVIKING, infa 100%

Through days dark and stormy

when great Sika led us

our eyes saw the bright sun of Freedom above

and NECHTO our leader

with faith in the people

inspired us to build the land that we love.

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