Terra Patria, Province of Darynu

Province of Terra Patria
Capital Primam Urbem
Location South-Eastern Condeura
Provencal Pastime Interfering in other people's business and lollygaggin'
Achievments Invented a wooden computer and was the first founded province.
Provence Anthem: http://dagobah.net/flash/anime_haters_attack.swf


Primam Urbem, capitol of the Province of Terra Patria, was the first area to be founded in the Kingdom of Condeura. It has only recently been founded, but is growing fast, and making major leads in economy and science. Some examples are the curing of cancer creation of a wooden computer and a new type of minecart a booming potato business, which includes nothing very interesting. Terra Patria shares a vault with the province of Cachoeira Rumah. The vault is located in Primam Urbem.


There are two settlements in mainland Terra Patria, one being the capital, Primam Urbem, and the other being Stonekeep Bay. Stonekeep bay is a newly made settlement ruled over by the lord civilian Knight lord Wickedsparrow. It is a port town that sells sugar cane and ink sacs, making Darynu quite happy, as he is an author in his free time. Primam Urbem is home to several T.O.P. buildings, as well as a center of commerce in Terra Patria


Shedlandia was first owned by Empire of Condeura after the Treaty of Buggernuts Guilt and, subsequently, the North Oceanic Treaty. It was given specifically to Darynu and the Province of Terra Patria. Darynu then gave the land to the Lord under his command, NoyaEleven.

Previously, Terra Patria suffered an overpopulation of chickens not only within farms, but also in the surrounding plains. The chickens had been overpopulated due to the fact that Darynu is in the habit of breeding them, but they are no longer killed due to excess of food. It is speculated that another reason there are too many chickens is because Darynu finds it hilarious Terrorists sent chickens down on parachutes in hopes they will attack us,

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