This nation is officialy disbanded by Dear Leader Fegelein. All of its settlements are now independent.

Soviet Republic

Soviet Republic
Local languages English, German, Polish, Slovenian
Demonyn Communists, Commies, Soviets
Government Soviet Council
Political system Authoritarian Bureaucratic Regime
Coordinates of Capital -1300x 1600z
Leaders Supreme Leader Aradesh
Councillor klemen
Councillor bh42
Establishment 27/01/2012
Population 56 (19 active)
Abbreviation SR
Motto Together we stand, Divided we fall
Military motto Красный медведь пробудился

The Soviet Republic, colloquially referred to as commie town or commie Nation was once a sovereign nation, which has it´s capital on the northwestern part of the Merrimore island. It also has several colonies and is still expanding. Since the 14th July 2012 it is a vassal state of the great Khanate.

IRC: #communism


The SR was founded by desu, Hopukka, wbernd and Sturmtiger on the 27th of January 2012.

On the following day desu invited KawaiiMinecraft to join the settlement, but Sturmtiger declared that weeabooism will not be tolerated by him (since he is a brony which is much better than being a weeaboo, Инфа 100%). Drama ensued and after Sturmtiger had killed some chicken Kawaii whined to the mods about being griefed and Sturmtiger was banned. On 2nd February of 2012 he was unbanned again.

Soon the first wave of immigrants arrived, eventually the amount of citizens reached the required number for nationhood.

Defeat of the great Capitalist Dragon

On the 30th of January a portal to the end was discovered but the SR initially lacked pearls to open it. On the 31th a brave raiding party went to the end and killed the dragon.

Expansion and wars

The fast growth of the settlement made many others think about a possible alliance. There were talks about a union which included the Soviet Republic and the Mountain Top Republic, no such union was established however. Instead the MTR proposed to be annexed, and it was.

On the 6th of February, the outer settlement of bh42 was made a colony of the SR. Later it was fully integrated as Padagrad Oblast

On the 7th of February the Mountain Top Republic was annexed into the Soviet Republic, And was named "Gorask" from that day on.

The settlement of Merriport was also integrated as an oblast.

After nettob decided to explore the oceans, he discovered a tropical jungle area, which was annexed and transformed into the Oblast of Selvata, which was officialy founded on the 8th of May. Fegelein was democratically elected as Governor of the area.

Soon it was decided to build a great new capital on previously unsettled land since the original capital ran out of space to expand and many newfriend immigrants built ugly cobble/wood buildings. This plans were delayed by a declaration of war by the Katten Khanate.

After a small defeat at Merriport, where the Soviets were attacked by a smaller, but technologically superior force, there were talks of another battle.

This lead to the famous battle of Fort Gorask, where the Red Army soldiers fought an equally strong Mongol army, resulting in their defeat. The siege is known to be the largest battle which ever took place in history.

After a short time of butthurt and confusion on both sides, the idea of a new capital city was revived. First layouts of the future city are planned.

On the 1st of June, on 23:38 Central European Time, the Slovenian settlement of Fallen was integrated as an autonomous territory of the Soviet Republic, guaranteeing their existence and promising them most freedoms.

On July 14th, the final battle of the Soviet-Mongol wars was fought. The Soviets capitulated upon losing the battle, and were incorporated into the Katten Khanate as a vassal. Fegelein, as the most honorable of Soviets, was made their representative and commander within the Khanate.

As of the 31st July 2012, Gorask is now an independent settlement.

Desu's return

On the 16th August the “Free desu” movement was started by klemen, Fegelein and Laredolare. Spawn was completly redesigned and nearly every sign was changed to “Free desu”. Chiggens were spammed and all three freedom fighters were banned for a few minutes. Desu entered IRC shortly after and was unbanned.

The End?

After becoming tired of MC, Desu, Fegelein and PennerHubert duped stuff for fun and got banned. Aradesh was made Supreme Leader by Fegelein

Believing in communism all very few citizens are sharing their resources in public warehouses, which aren't really communistic since more or less every nation and settlement has some of them.

The Soviet Republic doesn't have any strict rules and doesn't declare the way of living for it's citizens. The citizens live as a big family, so they try to get maximum efficiency out of their teamwork. A few citizens actually contribute to the supplies of the Republic, most others are simply leeching off the public resources.

Federal Government

The Soviet Republic is a highly decentralized state. It is divided into several provinces (see “Subdivisions”) each headed by a governor, who, in most cases, is unelected. Each province decides most domestic matters like infrastructure and ideology without help of the central governemnt, which is only intervening in matters of foreign policy and defense.

Central Government

The Central Government, also called Soviet Council is headed by Fegelein, since the leaders of the Katten Khanate appointed him as representative to the Khan. The Central Government decides on national issues like foreign policy, defense, maintenance of railways connecting the provinces and is the surpreme authority in the district of Merriland, which is serving as the capital until the construction of the new one is finished.

The Central Government consists of the following members:

On the Southern end of Merrimore lies the village Merriport.

On the Eastern part of the island you can find the Siberia. Being a Taiga, it bears the Town of the Wolves, New Norilsk.

To the Northwest lies Padagrad, under construction by bh42. It consist of a small system of bunkers, farmland, fortifications and a lot of towers. In the middle of the sea, between Port Loco and the SR, is an undergoing bh42's deep sea mining project, soon to be converted to community flats, including a railroad transfer station, connecting Port Loco, the SR and the province.

Gorask Oblast, which lies to the Northeast is connected through an undersea tunnel, one of the longest of its kind. The western coast of Gorask consists of cliffs and mountains, while the mainland and eastern coast are covered by forests and swamps. A famous landmark is Fort Gorask, where a famous battle once took place.

The future capital of the Soviet Republic, which is currently under construction, is located to the Southeast of Gorask, directly next to the autonomous territory of Fallen. The capital is located on two continents, which are seperated by a narrow strait, connecting the small Ebin Sea with the Great Ocean. A huge bridge over this strait is planned and will connect the two parts of the future capital with railways.

Map of the core provinces of the Soviet Republic
  • desu (out till 01.07)
  • Hopukka †
  • wbernd †
  • KawaiiMinecraft
  • Fegelein
  • Pennerhubert
  • Liolo
  • bh42
  • Isolos
  • Kurabiye
  • berry_de_bur
  • Berfaz
  • awesome
  • SoulFunkBrotha
  • Koentinius (multiple citizenship)
  • Ranpu
  • BazookaHuenchen
  • Austria
  • 30Gold
  • Patti
  • onotoleonide
  • qeni
  • Kolos33
  • Pvt_trollface
  • Freeezzer
  • Hattu
  • Klemen
  • semen
  • Skarre
  • Glukoosi
  • Laatikkoinen
  • Rck
  • Penaukki
  • Apoofis
  • chtammik
  • beri
  • Drewd123
  • coco1ino
  • rickys2345
  • ZigaZaga
  • Arty22222
  • Brasilstrong
  • Dudayev
  • Silenius
  • ThatRussian
  • DoomBoom
  • Eccacia
  • Riizlaa
  • Darth_Barbados
  • Cameron467
  • Crtomir
  • oveca
  • Ledwo
  • TSMTheoddone
Distribution of Ethnic Groups within the Soviet Republic
  • District of Merriland

Current Capital and one of the oldest towns of Oceania, little Ordnung, many feels. Includes the Village of Merriport

Located in a snow biome, fertile rivers and enermous lands.

A beautiful jungle with amazing sky-high trees, fascinating wildlife and even a Jungle-Ravine.

A small but impressive town near the planned new capital city. The houses, towers and the big castle were built in medieval-style architecture.

Soviet Propaganda, made for the Soviet-Mongol War Flag of the Soviet Military
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