Minis Aleph

The City of Minis Aleph
Capital Minis Aleph
Official Languages English, German
Demonyn Alephian, Alphian
Government Oligarchy
Establishment 21-1-12
Population ~23
Abbreviation MA

After the Great Betrayal of omgmac, it was decided a magnificent city would be constructed to house the mods and oldfriends of the server. V1adimirr, Koentinius, Lord Uxbridge, and Sikandar set out to construct this city. With the wealth of experience and knowledge gained from great nations past such as kurwa and West Rhodes, the foundation was laid for the grandest city /int/ has ever seen, named for the first admin, Alphabernd. Minis Aleph was the first settlement to gain nation status on 5/2/12.

Minis Aleph is a city within the nation of Irmunsul on the continent of Sternia.

Map of Minis Aleph as of February

Presently, Minis Aleph is divided into five distinct areas across two islands:

Harbour District

The first sector is the Harbour District which consists of the first tier of the Ivory island, including the world-famous Alephian Bazzaar.


An area meant to house rooms and projects that would take up too much space elsewhere or look ugly built out in the open. Built across from the mine located in the Bazaar on the Ivory Island.

Mt. Kurwa

The third sector is Mt. Kurwa, the second, third, and fourth tiers of the mountain upon which many Oldfriends live. Located on the Ivory island.

The Grey Keep

Mt. Kurwa is only accessable through the fourth sector, the Grey Keep, which occupies a good portion of the Ivory island and is unmistakable.

The Ebony District

The fifth and largest sector is the Peon District, consisting of the entire northern island. It houses all of the livestock and farming of the city as well as all of the newfriends that have been accepted into Minis Aleph. The district is home to the rail station and acts as the city's first line of defence in times of war.

Minis Aleph with the default texture pack
Minis Aleph with a highres texture pack

The city is ruled by noble houses including:

House de Battkhort (lesser house)
House of Kurwa (leading house)
House tis RĂ³dos (lesser house)

Several minor houses of dubious legitimacy also make claims to nobility including:

House of North Kurwa

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