Common Empire

Common Empire
Capital Solovki
Official Languages All languages of the world
Demonyn Imperial
Government Feudal Oligarchy
Leader Imperial Council
Establishment 12.X.2011
Population 40+
Abbreviation CE

As of December 10th the Common Empire is dissolved.

Founding Period

Even before the transition to the New World, the idea of combining the original Kurwa and Battkhortostan into a single nation was suggested and discussed in private. While the leaders of Kurwa were glad to accept Battkhortostan as a colony, the Battkhort leadership rejected the idea on the basis that it was against the ideals of the revolution.

When it was announced that the server would switch to 1.8 and life as we knew it would be destroyed, v1adimirr approached Sikandar with a proposal: Combine Kurwa and Batt.x until the two of them were strong enough to be their own nations. Sikandar refused, but Killer_Chris was open to the proposal and eventually the Battkhorts moved to Kurwa after their lands were stolen selling their lands to YugoTexas for some reason. Eventually, Sikandar was exiled from both Nova Kurwa and the Battkhortostan RISSR for declaring war on literally everyone but the real enemy, and Killer_Chris was recognized by West Rhodes and Nova Kurwa as leader of the nearly declared Republic of Battkhortostan and talks for a Union were once again in the works.

And then were union'd

The goal of Common Empire is to create widest political power on the server that can reach all the players providing them Nice Stuff. Nice Stuff include every Minecraft creation that:

  • have aesthetic value
  • are useful in bringing bernds together or providing them resources
  • are simply awesome
  • aren't hopeless gimmicks which are good for nothing

Every province of a member nation become an Imperial Province, gaining jurisdiction of Imperial Council.

Every non-member nation can include any province into Imperial jurisdiction, not losing power over that province. Every non-member nation can also pull out the province out of Imperial jurisdiction, but that risks of creating Casus Belli against such nation.

Member nations

Ruled by Imperial Council:

  • Mazznoff (representing Battkhortostan)
  • Testytigershark (representing Kurwa)
  • MystiaLorelei (representing Tri-Isles)

Explaining Imperial Jurisdiction term

yet to write

Every Imperial state has its own unique culture.

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