Umm al Asufli

Republic of Umm al Asufli
Location 462 X, -1153 Z
Local Languages English
Guttural Semitic
Demonyn Asufli
Prime Minister Salah
Establishment 14th December 2013
Current Constitution 6th September 2014 (Put in writing in 10th April 2015)
Population 3

The name translates to “Mother of Nether”, as it is heavily inlaid with nether bricks.


Salah founded the citystate in 02/04/2015 when the jews chrys14 and zikada came into the server and joined. It died shortly after chrys14 and ziakda left the server, never to return.

The Republic of Umm-al-asufli shares the exports and imports of the settlement, hiring local mobs as guards.

Apolitical phase

Umm Al Asufli begun as a nonaffiliated sheikhdom in a remote desert. It traded with everyone and remained netural.

Condeurian settlement

In 08/03/14, Salah petitioned King Darynu to be his citizen and the King agreed. A notable Asufli construction in Condeura is the Nether Pit.

Desert Liberation

FDF leader and his tank
Active resistance
Sabotage counterattack

In early september 2014, the FDF - Freedom Defense Force executed “Desert Liberation” operation. The operation proceeded 3 days, in which tanks invaded, were resisted, were reinforced and eventually prevailed in transforming Umm Al Asufli to a republic. Elections were held and Salah, the former Sheikh, was elected Prime Minister unanimously. It should be noted that during this operation Condeura did not aid, did not regard and quite abandoned the settlement. It could be said that at this moment, Umm Al Asufli, the Republic, was independent again.


In 2/4/2015 the settlement gained the status of citystate when crys14 and zikada joined. The settlement is the second ever city state.

Condeurian settlement again

Umm al Asufli became condeuran again in december of 2015, when Darynu and his dukes reappeared. King Darynu granted Salah the title “Emir”, appointing Salah the Emir of Umm al Asufli (whom he is also Prime Minister of) within the Lanno-Condeura.

Citystate again

Following the joining of Prophet and AbuJahl, Umm al Asufli claimed the status of Citystate again.

Council of Representatives

none yet.

Federation Council

none yet.

Council of Ministers

none yet.

  1. Salah - Prime Minister
  2. Prophet- citizen
  3. AbuJahl- citizen
The Mujahaddin

It all begun when Enderians were sick of the russo-speak and waged war. They raided their settlement, Perdyusheno, and sought support among local minorities. Before the second raid, Enderians leaders trained and armed locals and set Salah at their head. The Mujahadin fought bravely, and the raid was successful. Alas, the leader Salah was jailed for a week.

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