City-state of Siverny

City state of Siverny-le-Château
Location 2357 X, -685 Z
Local Languages English
Demonyn Sivernian
Leader Sidmarcus01
Establishment 6th April 2015
Population 1


Siverny-le-Château during construction.

Originally founded when the french wanted to build near from Shakomatic's project of bydlograd, he chose an isolated island west of it to build a countryside castle for himself. He started the project and quickly abandoned it when the server was dying of inactivity. Joining the Commonwealth of Breshik after the reviving of the server early 2015, Sidmarcus01 fastly grown sceptic of his “king” behaviour and began to be more and more distant with the breshikan politics… Thinking that it should be nice to found a settlement near his castle, Sid started to gather people willing to build with him. However the affiliation of this land to Shakomatic, whose reputation is not to prove anymore made that same people reluctant to come build with the french. Gradually wanting to secede from breshik and its leader, Sidmarcus was definitely convinced to do when PPA, his long time ally and friend talked about his own city-state project. After long and one sided negotiation with the king of breshik, Siverny finally seceded from the commonwealth.

Situated on an island west of Nova Bydlograd, Siverny-le-Château is yet to develop since only the castle is being build at the moment.

The economy of Siverny is actually based on Kriegstein remnants, but the undergrounds are still to be exploited and the settlement economy is sure to flourish soon.

Terrace of Siverny-le-Château.

The castle is based on a XVIIth century french architecture and the settlement will be built in a french style from the 16th to the 18th century.


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