Battkhortostan Revolutionary Islamic Soviet Socialist Imperial Republic

Battkhortostan Islamic Revolutionary Soviet Socialist Imperial RepublicБаттхортостанская Революционная Исламская Социалистическая Советская Империјални Республикa
Battx RISSIR Flag
Coat of Arms Coat of Arms
Anthem Hymn of Butthurt
Capital Al-Iskandariya
Official Languages Arabic, Battkhortuoguese, Best Korean, Cuban, English, Farsi, Indonesian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu, Yugoslavian
Demonyn Battkhorti, Battkhortian, Battkhortstani, Battkhortostani
Government Absolute Monarchy, Socialistic Feudalism
Ideology Accelerationism, American Liberal-ism, Anti-Rationalism, Georgism, Islamism, Juche, Mao Zedong Thought, National Bolshevism, Platonism, Populism, Progressivism, Red Fascism, Sandinismo, Social Imperialism, Stalinism
Leader(s) Sikandar, House de Battkhort
Establishment June 16th, 2011
Population 7
Abbreviation Batt.x, BX

Allahu akbar!

See also: History of Battkhortostan

The fifth sixth incarnation of Battkhortostan.

The nation of Battkhortostan lies within the land of Battkhortostan, occupying Battkhortia Minor on the tip of the Battkhorti Peninsula (unlabeled on map) in the Nevergreen Desert and Battkhortia Major across the Straits of Analpain in an unnamed and unlabeled desert. The River Transvaal serves as a border between Battkhortostan and Kovanje Vyrstaat and also separates the desert from the mountains. The lands are arid due to the rain shadow created by the Butthurt Mountains, preventing moist air from the Cuntdestroyer Sea from penetrating the interior, however terraforming projects are planned to turn at least the city of Al-Iskandariya a shade of green-brown nope terraforming looks ugly as fuck.


Planned Settlements

location of battx

Internal Politics

Battkhortostan is led primarily by the House de Battkhort, an aristocratic family headed by Sikandar.

Despite authoritarian rhetoric Battkhortostan has proven to be more democratic than any other nation.

K_Chris is next in the line of succession, followed by mazznoff.

Anti-Yevism is a strong force in Battkhortostan. The terrorist group, the Bureau for the Ethical Neutralisation of Inferior Species (BENIS), is thought to be receiving covert sponsorship from corrupt Battkhorti government officials.

With new growth Battkhortostan has reintroduced the ministry system of ages past. Vexxx was chosen as head of the Ministry of Public Works, the first ministry of Battkhortostan.

International Relations

Auri is a protectorate and vassal of Battkhortostan.

Battkhortostan herself is a vassal of independent of the Katten Khanate.

All nations fear the Battkhortstani wizard.

Battkhortostan offers its military strength to any who provide equipment for them through their mercenary company, Battkhortostan Freikorps.

Battkhortostan has its own set of guidelines for fighting planned battles.

Citizens may not own land but may conduct trade individually and are not required to use the communal chest system. The elite of Battkhortostan however are strongly encouraged to use the communal chest system and have a tradition of doing so.

Battkhortostan lives off an endowment of minerals received as a gift from Allax at the very beginning of the map.

Battkhortostan encourages blanda upp among its citizens, whites are in the minority and mixed Slavo-Kebab children are the norm.


See also: Relics of the Bx. RISSR

Battkhortostan is a stronghold of cultural Marxism and Islam. Battkhorts have a propensity to horde jewgolds and do nothing with them spend them frivolously funding military actions and foreign projects. As a consequence they (still) are often times the wealthiest nation on the server in pure liquid assets.

The Hymn of Butthurt is Battkhortostan's national anthem, written by Killer_Chris.

Battkhortostan's honors include the Order of Butthurt, awarded to those exhibiting extreme butthurt.


Battkhortostanis are indoctrinated with the official state ideology at the Battkhortostan National Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Most Battkhortians worship Allax. Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy are also popular. Gnosticism too. Also Zoroastrianism.

Battkhortostanis and the Battkhortostan government can be reached through the talk pages of this wiki or our IRC channel: #battkhortostan #chat

We also have a steam group (but it is defunct)

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