Republic of Battkhortostan

Republic of BattkhortostanРеспублика Баттхёртостан
Coat of Arms
Capital Poljanagrad
Official Languages English
Demonyn Battkhort
Government Democratic Islamic Republic
Leader Killer_Chris
Establishment 9-26-11
Population ~8
Abbreviation Batt.X

As of December 9th Battkhortostan is reunified.


The Republic was founded by Killer_Chris after Sikandar was removed from the Kurwan premises.


War were declared. On 27/9 the evil Coenstadians decided it'd be funny to steal all of Yugo's lands that he bought from Batt.x during the dark times. With Yugo now leaning towards the Battkhortostan side of the political spectrum, K_Chris came and told the evil Coenstadians to leave the premises because Yugo hadn't finished paying for it yet. Somehow Battkhortostan managed to get half of the land and YugoTexas was screwed by everyone again.

New Dark Times

The 30th of October, Batt.x3 lost any type of legitimate recognition with the first and last resolution issued by the Common Empire wich was its own abolishment.

The existence of Battxortostan is none of caBst's business, we exist no matter what. The aforementioned resolution hasn't even been mentioned in PGNK, so it doesn't have any effect whatsoever.

It's a house and an NPC village.


NPC Village (Unnamed)

Currently at ends with the government-in-exile of the Battkhortostan RISSR

Sikandar stole all the minerals infa 100%

We wake up and we mine. We mine a lot. We hoard minerals and share the same chests.

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