Battkhortostan Islamic Revolutionary Socialist Soviet RepublicБаттхортостанская Революционная Исламская Социалистическая Советская Республика
Coat of Arms
Anthem Hymn of Butthurt
Capital Gribigrad
Official Languages Battkhortuoguese, English, Estonian, Russian
Demonyn Battkhorti, Battkhortian, Battkhortstani, Battkhortostani
Government Single-party State
Ideology National Communism, Social Imperialism
Leader(s) Inner Party
Establishment September 22nd, 2011
Population 8
Abbreviation Batt.x, BX

As of December 9th Battkhortostan is reunified.


See the old Battkhortostan page for pre-1.8 history.

Battkhortostan on the current map was founded by Killer_Chris and mazznoff with the construction of a small dirt fort not far from what would become the first incarnation of Gribigrad.

The land on which Gribigrad was located would later be sold to YugoTexas of Coenstadt for 24 iron blocks, after originally having been offered 64 iron blocks but then reduced in order to unban testytigershark after he had griefed the property while the sale was being discussed.

The refugees created by this sale moved to the Nova Kurwa slums, residing in what would become the future embassy of Battkhortostan.

On September 26th Sikandar nearly caused an international incident including war with both Kurwa and West Rhodes. At this time a plot was hatched against him and he was violent deposed in a coup by Commissar Killer_Chris. Sikandar went into exile in the mines of Mongrelia claiming to one day return to reclaim his position as leader of Battkhortostan and punish Kurwa and West Rhodes.

Embassy of Battkhortostan and current home of Batt.x refugees. Looks like shit on default textures but okay on custom.


Gribigrad is the nation's current capital, located in the heart of a valley known as Poljana around x: 220, z: 520. It is built entirely out of mushrooms and subsurface constructions. Founding of the town has created some friction with the Republic of Coenstad, who view the valley as a holy place.

Battkhortostan is now a nation of wanderers.

  • San_Marcos' ASSR: As of yet unnamed ASSR represented by San_Marcos. Supposed to look like Jerusalem.
Planned Settlements


See also: National-Bolshevik Party of Battkhortostan

Battkhortostan is a single party state, all dissent is brutally crushed.



Many traditional Battkhortostani buildings are constructed from timber, giving Battkhortostani cities a rustic charm. Battkhortostan is a stronghold of cultural Marxism and Islam. Some citizens of Battkhortostan are also adherents to Horoism.

Battkhortostan has historically been an innovator in social organization, sparking the explosion of nationalism which lead to the great number of aspiring nations currently seen and introducing to AlphaBernd's Realm democracy and inclusive government through their committee system.


Battkhortostanis and the Battkhortostan government can be reached through the talk pages of this wiki or our IRC channel: #battkhortostan

We also have a steam group

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