The following is a document by historian, Hinoarashi, titled “Rivals in War”. It is an accurate depiction of Breshik-Mongol relations.

Shako woke, eyes sore, neck hurting, throat like sandpaper. He reached to rub his aching head, then realized he couldn't. His eyes opened wide and he looked around, trying to figure things out. He was in a dark room, tied securely to a chair by his wrists and ankles. Closing his eyes for the moment, Shako shook his head, trying to think and remember.

“P-Please! Let me go, you're hurting me!” Shako struggle against the mongol behind him, desperately trying to break away from the arm locked around his neck in a firm chokehold. “Why are you doing this? What does Kovio want from me? Please, let go, I can't breathe!” There was no answer from as the mongol's arm tightened, making Shako gasp for air. “Please”, he begged, his voice growing hoarse. “Please, I can't brea… ack..”

“You moron! Look what you've done to him! I told you to be careful! I told you to take care of him! And look! Look at his neck! Look at the bruises!” “But Khan Kovio…” “Don't give me your excuses. Just get out!”

A wet warmth across his throat broke through the darkness that engulfed Shako's mind. He managed to open his eyes, but everything was blurred. Still the gentle pleasures continue, a warm, smooth tounge brushing slowly across his throat. After a moment, it stopped, and two narrow eyes filled Shako's vision. He found himself captured as the eyes moved closer. A pair of sweet, strong lips pressure tenderly against his own, the slick tongue sliding smoothly into his mouth to explore the warm cavern. Shako whimpered, reaching up to grasp the warm entity above him, pulling himself away from the dark shroud that was rapidly closing in on him. After a few seconds, he was completely engulfed, the narrow eyes that filled him with hope faded into nothing.

Shako looked arund as the lock clicked and the door slowly swung open. Expecting Kovio, he was stunned when two mongols came in, one of them carrying a plate of something. The first mongol walked behind him, untying his ropes. As soon as this was done, a loaf of bread and a bottle of watter were roughly shoved into his hands. Shako reluctantly ate and drank. As he finished, he was all but dragged to another door and shoved through a tiny, dingy bathroom. Although the door was closed behind him, there were no windows, thus no way to escape. When he'd finished his business, he went back through the door, allowing the mongols to tie him to the chair once again. The next day was the same, as was the day after that.

This went on for a week until, as the door opened, Shako looked up and gasped as he saw Kovio entering. Before he could speak, the Khan laned over him, untying him and gently rubbing his wrists. He tugged Shako into his lap, pulling the tray of food closer. Shako's eyes widened as he saw a bowl of mushroom stew. Kovio picked a spoon up, filling it with stew and pressing it to Shako's lips. Too bewildered to resist, Shako allowed Kovio to feed him, moaning softly as the stew's warmth spread throughout his body. The empty bowl was pushed aside as Kovio lifted a bucket of milk, urging Shako to drink. The captive Kaiser accepted, drinking the cool liquid and smiling shyly up at Kovio. With the meal finished, Kovio lifted Shako to his feet, leading him to another door that the Kaiser has missed.

He pushed the door open and Shako gasped as he saw a beautiful bathroom. Kovio ushered him inside, turning on the taps to the bath, then turning and putting a big towel on the furnace to warm. Then he knelt and began to strip Shako. The Kaiser blushed, trying half-heartedly to resist. Kovio tugged Shako's armor off, then simply lifted the Kaiser and lowered him into the bath. He picked up a washcloth and begun to scrub the Kaiser's entire body. Shako squirmed, blushing furiously as the cloth slid between his legs, rubbing firmly. He began to stroke up and down, squeezing slightly. It was a mere moment before Shako came, releasing into Kovio's hand with a strangled cry. Kovio rinsed his hand off, using the towel to clean Shako up.

He dressed the Kaiser in plain blue leather armor, then lifted him, carrying him back into the dark room. He sat on the chair and kissed Shako's cheek, cralding the Kaiser against his chest and rocking him gently. The warm food, hot bath, and the orgasm had left Shako feeling full and content, drowsy. Unable to help himself, he settled his head on Kovio's chest, falling asleep almost instantly.

The next morning when Shako woke up, he took a few moments to get his bearings. The memories of the night before flooded him. His first act was to blush as he remembered what Kovio had done to him. Then he suddenly realized hi chair was different. The stiff, birch chair was gone and instead, Shako found himself curled up in a big squishy wool chair. He wasn't tied down either, and decided to look around the room. There were four doors, one in each wall. The only unlocked door lead into a tiny, grotty bathroom. At the sound of a door opening up, Shako looked up, feeling faintly disappointed as the two mongols entered.

When Shako woke, he found himself in a small bed. He was still in the dark room, but a bed had been placed. Shako lay there, thinking things through. As he sat up, he noticed a book on the floor: Fortunes of War. Overjoyed at having something to do, he made a mental note to thank Kovio.

Shako's soft cries were muffled by Kovio's mouth as he released into the Khan's hand once again. Before he could be cleaned up, Shako, still quivering with the aftershocks of his orgasm hesitantly spoke. “Khan, could.. could I please..?” Too shy to say it out loud, he reached a tentative hand against Kovio's crotch, rubbing it slowly. Kovio nodded, standing up to remove his armor, letting the pants fall to the floor. Shako rubbed the big bulge in Kovio's shorts, squeezing and tugging. He pulled the shorts down, his eyes widening as Kovio's erection sprang free. It was bigger than Shako's. At least and inch longer and half an inch thicker. He wrapped both hands round the length, pumping them both up and down along the shaft. Kovio moaned softly, buckling his hips slightly and pushing into Shako's hand. Shako sped up and within minutes, Kovio was emptying his seed into the smaller male's hands. The two held each other tightly, sharing a deep kiss.

They separated and Kovio grinned, rubbing his crotch firmly against Shako's, smearing his essence into the Kaiser's skin. Shako moaned softly and Kovio leaned down to kiss before scooping him up in his arms.

He lay Shako on the bed, gently spreading his legs and lowering his head. Shako managed to hold out, moaning and whimpering for five minutes before he came. He started to do the same for Kovio, suckling on the thick cock and full balls, working the Khan into a frenzy with his lips and tongue swallowing every precious drop. That was when Kovio decided to visit Shako every second night rather than once a week.

By now, the two leaders had even started sharing baths, happily laying together for hours as the water steadily grew colder.

Shako smiled up as his lover, dipping his head to kiss the smooth stomach. Then he sate up in Kovio's lap, knowing the bathwater would make things easier. Kovio gently pushed a finger into Shako's tight warmth, startling the Kaiser, but making him moan and squirm nonetheless. They eventually ended up with Kovio pumping three fingers into Shako's rump and another three into his mouth, Shako suckling on the long fingers while almost bouncing up and down on Kovio's hand, letting out screams that were loud enough to wake zombies.

Shako turned, straddling Kovio's waist and positioning himself. “I'm ready” he whispered. Kovio smiled, removing his fingers from Shako. He positioned his thick erection into Shako's ass. Shako let out a cry, arching his back as the Khan began to pump in and out. Kovio reached up, playing with Shako's nipples, tugging and squeezing them. Shako moaned and began to bounce up and down on Kovio's shaft, riding the Khan with all his strength. Kovio grasped Shako's hips, ramming int his tight asshole and growling softly with each thrust. Kovio rolled, and in the blink of an eye, roles were reverse. Shako lay flat on his back, legs up in the air as Kovio pounded into the submissive Kaiser. Shako grabbed Kovio's shoulders, clinging tightly to him and moaning softly with each thrust. Kovio leaned down to lick Shak's cheek, then sped his thrusts up. Kovio roared loudly as he came, filling the Kaiser with his seed. Shako howled in ecstasy, releasing against Kovio's chest. Kovio slumped on top of Shako, clutching him in a possessive embrace and licking his cheek affectionately. “Mine” he whispered softly. “All mine.” They lay there for a while as Kovio explored every inch of Shako's Kingdom with his tongue, making the Kaiser squirm and wriggle with delight. They climbed out of the now cold bathwater, kissing each other hungrily as they dried each other off. Not bothering with clothes, Kovio scooped Shako's slender body against him, carrying him to the bedroom and dumping him in the bed. He climbed in, tugging Shako into his arms and kissing him tenderly. Shako curled up against Kovio's chest, smiling adorindly up at him. “I love you, Khan.” “I love you, too, Shako.”

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