Polish sports

A few days after the new server's opening, a second polevasion swept Alpha's Realm. Much like the first, it saw the chat flooded with consonants, and the anarchic structure of Polish society gave neighbours and moderators alike a headache. However, it also introduced the denizens of the server to yet novel aspects of Polish culture, such as sportive activities.

The goal in the popular sport Suicide Tower is to land in a 1x1x1 pool of water by jumping off a high tower. The Poles climb up the tower, very tall and simplistic in appearance, using a ladder; and afterwards leap off from the top, most of the time to their doom. The death toll among the competitors is very high, as the majority of them miss the narrow target and instead hit the solid ground, dying instantly.

A player of Suicide Tower missing his target. This is a common occurrence.
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