After Alphabernd decided to quit hosting the server because of gf, a replacement had to be found and appeared in form of omgmac, who was willing to host for free and also seemed like a generally cool guy. However, he proved to not be up to the task and quit the server a few days later without previous notice (2012-01-13, at 03:25 EST to be precise), leaving even the hard core of the player base, who were willing to endure the lag of his US-hosted server (actually his home PC, infa100%), in the rain. Getting omgmac to bay denbts, that is provide the map, proved to be very difficult and as of now, 2012-1-29, has been only partially successful.

omgmac pay debts!

First message sent to omgmac via the minecraft forums

Hi i play on a server where the owner stated today that he was going to cease his involvement coming next month leaving the community of about 50-70 players homeless, the server address is if you want to check it out or you can look at the google map of the server at . There are usually no more than 30 players online during peak but there are some spectacular builds and we have a very capable moderating team along with a vice admin who can take care of server management.

So if you decide to host this server you will be inheriting a full fledged international community that hail from several different forums across the web, hope to hear from you soon - Flakese

omgmacs reply

Yes I would love to host a server for him but I would need to ask him if he wants me to host it first does he have a skype/minecraft forum account that I can contact him with?

5 1/2 days later he abandones the server without notice

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