Mod abuse

V1adimirr on mod abuse

[07:40]  mazznoff:mod abuse
[07:40]	v1adimirr:Abuse this
[07:40]	v1adimirr:I'm pointing to my genitals right now

What is mod abuse?

Anything a mod does ever is mod abuse, no matter what.

They ban a player? MOD ABUSE! They spawn you items? MOD ABUSE! They roll back griebing? MOD ABUSE!

How can I combat this?

You can't do anything but remind them constantly. Harass them telling them to free banned players, can't think of one? Just spam chat with “FREE KOVIO!” Chances are that he is most likely banned. Don't worry if he isn't banned, you can just ignore that you said that shit and go completely retarded telling the mods to check their privileges and getting “DIE MOD SCUM” tattooed on your shoulder.

Worst offenders list

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