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 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ mods 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ ADMIN 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Gwagomel: hahaha 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ ILLEGAL PVP 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: HON GARD SUVOUR PLAY 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] icksuepsilon left the Server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] icksuepsilon joined the Server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] primera: lel 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Hinoarashi:​ BAGUETTE ALA DIJON MUSTARD SIL VOUS PLAIT 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ WHERE IS OUR PPA WHEN WE NEED HIM 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: what what happen 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ PVP 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: aj4749 explain yourself 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: they were killing me sir 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Helios left the Server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ lies 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: and i challenged them to a duel 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: did they accept the challenge 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: yes 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: before you killed them 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] primera: GUILTY! 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] StarLightChild:​ e 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: gwagomel verbally accepted 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ ITS A LIE 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ ITA ALL A LIE 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: he raised his fishing rod 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Gwagomel: hahahaha 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: and hit me with it 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: lol 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Anon1234 joined the Server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: >​[21:​29:​08] <​houdini>​ [G] Gwagomel: hahaha 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Hinoarashi:​ Sounds like a legal duel. 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ ban pls 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: pls no ban 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: either you so badly traumatised him he cna only laugh manically now 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: this is my story 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: or he didn#t take it seriously :V 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: his bad 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: he attacked 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: dont ban 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: MrFroggyDoggyMan did he steal anything from you 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: with a fishing rod 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ yes 69 diamonds 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: :DDDDD 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: pls 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: gibe mercy ppa 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: so funny - banned 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: :DDDD 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: well in any case this doesn#t seem serious 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ :( 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] icksuepsilon left the Server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: look 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: now they are killing an innoccent zombie 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: who couldnt defend himself 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] primera: ;_; 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] P_P_A: it's symbolic 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Hinoarashi:​ rib 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan:​ im quitting this bs server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] aj4749: and part of me just died 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] MrFroggyDoggyMan left the Server 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: >69 diamonds 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: what a fag 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Gwagomel: 69 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Gwagomel: 69 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] venomthrope:​ pretty gay 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: :DDD 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] Hinoarashi:​ I was robbed of 50 wither skulls 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: 69 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] areteee: diamonds 
 +<​houdini>​ 14[03G14] venomthrope:​ some one stole over 60000 million diamonds from me 
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