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Creative Map
Creative Map
Ancient comic from the first age
Ancient comic from the first age

The Age of Creativity and Myth

This age is lost in the mists of time. Actually a few screenshots were preserved: http://mc.dev-urandom.eu/dump/classic/intcraft/. The server was originally hosted by an Argentinean before being taken on by AlphaBernd. The building style was quite different from the survival ages, being much more varied.

You can download the map and the client from july 2010 here.

The Age of Innocence

The server was created 15.4.11. The first night saw much jumping around and punching each other. Small shelters were created and mines were explored around the spawn, 0,0, which would later host the town of Bernd. v1adimirr created the Wizard Tower, the first legitimate building, that first night while alone on the server.

Construction continued around the spawn and soon the town of Bernd had roads and residencies. A metro system was implemented by AlphaBernd to get around to the fringes of the town. A large polandball was being constructed when the first griefers hit the server and burned it to the ground.

Small villages were created away from the spawn for various reasons. Some wanted protection against the rare griefer, but more often the mysterious Bernd soul just wanted to be alone. The village of Kurwa was founded, as were Krautville and others. Rosenstation was created to extend the rail system to Kurwa and other places.

Of these original colonies, Kurwa alone was chosen by fate to become a metropolis. The railway to Kurwa was completed and, along it, other villages formed. Krautchan is visible from atop Rosenstation; Midway, midway between Bernd and Kurwa, lies host to the now abandoned GIANT FUCKING CUBE; and Anthill Valley is reachable by a short offshoot of the same rail.

The Age of Development

Due to an increasing problem of overcrowding and shitbuilding in Bernd, the decision was made to change the spawn from Berndtown to Perkele. The site was chosen because of the awesome natural formations around it, however the switch was largely met with criticism due to the extreme distance between the spawn and any established buildings or villages. In response, AlphaBernd created the Warp Sign system and made signs in Perkele, Bernd, and Kurwa. Later the Kurwa sign was removed due to new friend intrusion, however the Bernd and Perkele signs were still in use until the creation of the 1.8 map. Because of the removal of the warp sign, a rail from Perkele to Kurwa was created overnight by AlphaBernd.

The Kurwa riots spawned a new era for the server. A new nation, Batt.x, was formed- the first town approaching the term rival to Kurwa in the server's history. An increasing number of new friends began to join the server due to an increased number of posts on kc and the exciting political events that were taking place. Taking Batt.x as an example, many began to found their own "nations." This marks a massive change in the dynamic of the server. New friends now built their own settlements and expected political privilege, whereas before one had to earn the respect of the server before being taken seriously as an entity. This is a trend continue to this day and explains the large number of settlements and nations compared to the pre-Batt.x era.

The Age of Strife

As time passed, Batt.x's influence began to wane and finally collapsed mid-summer '11. Before it finally fell another nation rose to power, filling the vacuum left by the only rival to Kurwa: Breshik. Almost immediately, conflicts arose between Kurwa and Breshik due mostly to disagreements between the respective leaderships. Time continued to decay the established nations and many fell and were absorbed mostly by Kurwa through various means (left through a will, brought under protection based on previous alliances, etc.), though Breshik took advantage of a select few abandoned settlements. Thusly was the Kurwan Empire formed. Shortly thereafter, the Westward Islands, a long-standing ally of Kurwa, switched allegiances in favour of Kurwa's then-enemy and formed the United Kingdom. Further land disputes between the Kurwan Empire and the United Kingdom continue to arise, raising tensions between the two empires due to the failure of the leaderships to effectively negotiate. Nationalist China and its capital of Taibei would be chosen by God to become the next biggest settlement as the server descended into chaos and hordes of Asian players arrived.

Later, Lord Uxbridge declared the Westward Isles once again independent, citing differences with Breshik's leadership, and allied with Kurwa. This move was largely symbolic and of no real consequence since it had just been announced that there would be a new map with the coming of 1.8. The Alpha Nations was created shortly thereafter as a seat for government officials to discuss differences. Contemporary critics believed it would one day overstep it bounds and infringe on national sovereignty. The AN and its members maintained this was not the case and there was never an incident uphold this view.

On the 14th of September, in order to prove his point of view, shakomatic staged what he maintained was a lawful coup of the AN, despite onlookers citing nearly half a dozen regulations that were violated. This hostility caused the AN to retaliate and launch a counter-assault on Breshik and its allies, though Shakomatic was a (as per the Intl Rules of Engagement; header) “huge fucking pussy” as he not only refused to fight, but tried to get the assailants banned after goading them into the situation. Real class act. A stand-up guy. Then he was banned. There was much rejoicing.

The Age of Decadence

Epitaph for the Era, from the Memory Gardens

In the shadow of 1.8, old friends looked around and saw very few familiar faces. Many older players had long since died, leaving old and venerable villages and nations all but empty. With few exceptions, those still on the server grew restless and stopped building. Prototypes of future settlements were discussed and mapped out while existing buildings and structures were scuttled for resources. This was, however, all proven to be a fruitless effort once AlphaBernd announced he would be creating a random seed and not bringing over any old player data or resources. This was met with mixed reception, though the majority accepted it with either joy or resignation.

Many old friends looked to the new map as a place to finally settle down and retire from politics, hoping to be reunited with friends past. New friends saw it as an opportunity to create the next global superpower. Before the map change, several players gathered together to continue old alliances or create new ones in the new map, by giving colonial offspring to their nations. One of the first were Nova Kurwa and West Rhodes, the latter being a joint project of three players from different backgrounds, the Kurwan caBastard, the Westwardian Uxbridge and the Breshikan OttoVonBistarck. It was a brand new chapter in the server's history that would saw new faces and new nations. A bright future.

The Age of New Feels

23.9.11 saw great changes in the Land of Alpha. With the introduction of the 1.8 client, Alphabernd introduced a completely new map. After a couple of horrible seeds, he and the other player online, v1adimirr, decided on a map and began to explore. Many bernds awoke in a new and strange land. Some stayed at the spawn, practicing Ukranian Archeticture, while others set off to the far edges of globe to found new cities and continue the traditions of old nations that had been lost in Great Rift. Exploration was limited, however, as Notch promised the new 1.9 patch would be out within a matter of days and that new features would only take effect in newly generated chunks. Thus, Alphabernd promised to delete anything built beyond 1,000/-1,000x or z. In addition, it had been decided by the oldfriends of 1.7 that no nations would be declared before the 1.9 release. It was feared that if nations were announced that the limited land would be all claimed and little room would be left for others.

Bernds took these provisions to heart and left to found the new metropolises they had been dreaming of since the Age of Decadence. They quickly found places of great wonder to settle and enjoyed the new magics and tools giben to them by world; Stone-Brick castles and Mushroom Huts were to be found in large numbers in this time. A few weeks later, with no 1.9 release even remotely close, some players decided that the moratorium on nations was becoming troublesome. Land disputes began to pop up and it soon became apparent that the powerful towns needed nation-status to defend their immediate surroundings. Nova Kurwa was the first town to achieve the 20 citizens necessary and would immediately go to war with a fortress they believed had violated their land. Soon after, two “epic” trees were found and soon became the center of worship for some players. There was great conflict over their fate, as Battxortistan and Coenstadt both wished to have the trees as their own. Alpha took note of this and ended the war by declaring them to belong to Battkhortostan, due to them having homesteaded the area. Battkhortostan would later sell that land to Coenstadt for many iron blocks and become refugees in Nova Kurwa.

This period saw the beginning of the special relationship between Kurwa and Rhodes due to the proximity of Rhodes' leaders as a branch of Kurwan rulers; also because of v1adimirr's and caBastard's shared Italian ancestry. Vera fraterna amicizia italiana! W l'Italia!

The Age of Waiting

MONTHS after promising a 1.9 release, the server remained in 1.8 mode, even a month after the full release of Minecraft in November, 2011. Players grew restless and frustrated. People began to ignore the 1000xz limit, building wherever they pleased. Alpha would later agree that he would not delete marked structures beyong the Green Zone. Nova Kurwa would again become the focus of drama when its leaders, v1adimirr and Rosenmann, both resigned their positions. West Rhodes created a Provisional Government to Nova Kurwa in an attempt to prevent Nova Kurwa from falling into anarchy; however, many interpreted the action as an imperialist interest of annexing Nova Kurwa as a Rhodesian commonwealth and West Rhodes found itself threatened by a possible war. Other small conflicts occurred, but none were very serious as the majority of players had abandoned the server due to the stagnation caused by the 1.8 release. While immediately after the update to 1.8 it was common to see over 70 people online at once, now it was surprising to see 5.

The Age of Expansion and Intrigue

The server was finally updated to 1.0 and the spawn borders were lifted. Battkhortostan reunified after a split that lasted for 3 months and a new nation, the GAM, made its presence felt. After the Kurwan Civil War, YugoTexas was selected by the winning faction, ushering in a period of conflict that continues to this day. Alliances between nations were made and broken and remade. Intelligence agencies were founded in order to infiltrate rival governments. At this point in the server's timeline, the Merchant Republic of West Rhodes had become the second biggest political entity in terms of population, reaching above 80 registered citizens which gave place to the creation of the Rhodesian Confederation, the first political organization of its kind surpassed only by the Kurwan Empire in size with around 120 registered citizens. AlphaBernd abandoned the server and the fate of the server was left in the hands of an unknown newfag, omgmac. This accomplished one thing in that it caused a lull in political activity and sparked a short age of peace.

The Age of Alienation and Feudalism

omgmac abandoned the server and has yet to release the map as it was before he left, thus incurring the wrath of Bernd. Fearing reprisal, he proceeded to delete fucking everything, including his facebook. Bernd is still tracking him down, demanding omgmac bay denbts. tetete, a server veteran, began hosting the server and so ushered in a new age of stability. Despite this, many felt alienated and refused or at least cut down on their play on the new map provided, as it was full of ocean and they had lost their hard earned minerals gathered on the previous map. However, the start of a new map provides new opportunities, which many new players exploited. New players founded new settlements, becoming regulars on the server and revitalizing international politics. Conversely, many old players retreated into the walls of Minis Aleph, a supposedly non-political feudal aristocracy founded by the most prominent leaders of the old nations of the server. Many noble houses were formed in order to keep the communities of the old nations alive within the walls of Minis Aleph, including the House de Battkhort, House tis Ródos and House of Kurwa. On February 9th 2012, the server was invaded by newfriends after being advertised on someones livestream, many unique kebabs were spotted.

The Age of Bukkit devs are lazy ass cunts

Minecraft 1.2 came out and for about a month, no stable bukkit build was provided. te3 (tetete) refused to use a beta build, so players who had already upgradedwere barred from entrance. Not much happened, all in all it was very similar to the previous stagnation periods.

The Age of Renaissance

(Late Summer - Fall 2012)
Finally the update came and the players started to come back. te3 decided to take a version of 1.8 made by koentinius out of the leftover scraps of omgmac's map and the last backup by alpha, also dug up the last preserved version of 1.7, and after some work set up the server to use Multiverse. Thus the old maps could be visited again, producing many feels in the oldfags, some of whom nearly settled their old homes again. From the vast unknown steppes, a great leader random newfriend emerged to unite annoy the citizens of Oceania. Many of the previously dormant nomadic tribes such as Battkhortostan, Finngolia, and Greenland were absorbed into a horde the likes never seen before not to be confused with a nation on the server.

They swept out from the barren deserts and plains to lay waste the cities and towns of civilized Oceania. Around this time, the yet greatest battle in the long varied history of the server took place, the Siege of Fort Gorask. In Minis Aleph, rumors of revolt against the ruling aristocracy began to circulate among the peons and yevs. Alephian authorities conducting raids on suspected revolutionaries have found weaponry stamped with the insignia of the House de Battkhort-operated Alephian smithy. A full investigation concerning the link between the house and the revolutionaries has yet to be carried out.

This time was also marked by the return or the Shakomatic. After disappearing from the grind of daily autisms for more than a year after his shortlived attempt to preform a coup on multiple nations in the 1.8 server Shakomatic was contacted by oldfriends form the server. Under the request to help “revitalize politics” on the server the Mighty Breshikan peoples returned to the Server and attempted to establish a new homeland. In this vulnerable time of rebirth, the Mongols attempted to assassinate Glorious Shakomatic, in aims to rout this growing threat that their dominence might not be challenged. For two months war was waged, however, in time Shakomatic announced the dissolving of Breshik. There simply were not enough who were willing to so directly take on this barbarian Horde and the nation was without arms. This time also saw the decline of other nations and the eventual failure of national projects due to the map's (Oceania) shit-factor in comparison with past maps. Rhodes' project of continuity in the map failed. Despite creating some extensive colonies and annexing others, Rhodes was notably dead but still pulling some political strings backstage. The last hope beaten, or as history knows only set back, the slow and painful procession of The Server's seemingly inevitable death marched on.

The Age Of Botato Magics

(Early Winter 2012 - Spring 2013)
A few weeks after the 2012 Halloween Update, bukkit finally caught up and Autism was upgraded to 1.4.4. Suddenly carrots overwhelmingly displaced the glorious melon as the meal of choice, and people started planting potatoes for some reason. Times became dubious. The population was small, but steady; capping out around 13 players online average at high tide. However, there was increasingly vocal talk of a new map, with claims that the Chief of Staff (and the server's financial backer) te3 was losing interest in the server, and talk of plans for the People's Arbiter V1@d1/\/\1rr to fork the world. However, V1ad later formally appealed to Te3 for a new world with a new code of laws aimed to create an ideal place for nations, intrigue, and autisms. Much wantings of new maps went on near the end of this age of 1.4. With the release of 1.5 drawing ever nearer, the community never received their answer.

Also in this age, the Spawn was relocated from the subdued and limiting Auri Arcology in a bold step by Tangaloa. For a time the effort of populating the wastes surrounding spawn allowed Newfriends a chance to build and know the world, and for oldfriends to flex their vast reserves to erect massive stone penises projects.

In the wanning days of this Era, the Polevasion hit The Server, spurring an impromptu union from all nations (even bitter enemies), rallying to fight under the English Language Banner. Also Tangaloa was de-modded, prompting a popular election to decide whom would take their place.

The Age of Industrialization

With the latest update settling on Autism and the introduction of obedient merchant yevs, many bernds started to get into the art of jewing. Banks were erected, cozy ugly merchant stalls were positioned at spawn, and an economy or Emeralds, Diamonds and Iron started to steadily grow, giving nations one more property of power other than war. The Profecy of the burger was finally settling, becoming more literal than ever.

Alpha Realm's First Spawn (as of Feb 12, 2014, by GlitchyBat)

On the 7th December 2013 former server op AlphaBernd announced the birth of a new server by the name of Alpharealm and returned to his rightful seat as the server's operator. With many players being tired of the old map this motivated especially the inactive ones to play again. Spawn was in a forrest, nobody could see beyond the nearest trees, and so everyone ventured in a different direction. In the east v1adimirr founded the initially very popular settlement Elkkuton, a place for many oldfriends to settle. Mid January the tension between the oppressing cancerous imperialist Shakomatic and some black goyim lovers led to extensive griefing by using 3 withers, much butthurt was created and some got banned.

The Long Freeze

The Northeastern corner of “Ur” around the end of September 2015

Following the attack on Kharak khaldun the server experienced a time of inactivity Most of the active nations became inactive and the Eastern coalition of the Dwarves and their allies died off.

The Dawn of Nations / The Spring of Nations (March to Juni 2015)

After the long freeze, which lasted almost one year, the players found their way back to alphas realm. Nations like Breshik and Kriegstein formed their “Commonwealth of Breshik”, and other nations like Winterlyn , Slavia, Calisia, Aestland, Caerulia, Umm al-Aslufi and later Siverny were formed or repopulated in Spring 2015. Many battles, uprisings and other incidents occured in that period, even its first planned battle was fought during that time.

The Age of Dualism

Summs up the political landscape of alphas realm pretty well for most of the time

After the Wars in spring and early summer, most political activity died off fairly quickly. Althrough the Ender Republic, along with its allies and puppet nations and the Eastern Commonwealth, the successor union of the Commonwealth of Breshik, maintained their political activity. This went on for several months with some skirimshes and smaller wars in between. In Autumn the same year, the Commonwealth had an influx of productivity, prosperity, and immigration. The Union was heavily industrialised and expanded rapidly its borders, new alliances were formed as well, and rival neighbors went almost extinct. This run into conflict with its long time rival, the Ender Republic, and the to date greatest battle in server history was fought, easily dwarf the Battle of Madeuwe, in numbers, resources used and war gear.

Created to satisfy the demand for a freer pvp world. Lasted around 2 years. Has the biggest Nether:Overworld build rate of all worlds.

After long years of Alpha's Realm it was decided to open a new map. The map was opened in 28/03/2020 and was long awaited. The server generated a surging interest by oldbernds, due to KC Kultura being preserved again. Soon after the server was raided by sosachers who spawngriefed and spammed and when a whitelist was implemented, DDoSed. The attackers were mostly repelled, with no recent attacks documented. Feliin has upgraded the entire server and replaced the traditional overviewer with a dynamap whose render took over a week to finish.

The Long Dry Freeze

Mirroring Alpha's Realm, the server experienced a time of political inactivity as well. Most of the active nations became inactive and the only remaining nation was Slavia.

The New Dawn of Nations / The Summer of Nations (December 2021)

With Urfin_Djus return to the server after a 3 year ban, he brought his friends from a former server, and they joined Slavia. Almost immediately they seceded into Gribostan, signed peace, and shortly warred again as independent nations. This war has also brought about the creation of Polistan.

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