Sometime in this year the original Krautchan Creative server was founded.


  • 2th, Rosenmann disappears, leading to tensions in kurwa.
  • 14th, Tensions result in riots.
  • 16th, Battkhortostan is founded after riots in Kurwa.
  • 20th, K_Chris, lord and saviour of all things good joins the server.
  • 27th, Dwarven kingdom of Breshik is founded when Shakomatic arrives to the server. This is the 5th Kingdom.
  • 3rd, Rosenmann appears again, bringing joy and wealth.
  • 14th, symbolic funeral Kurwa Town in Kurwa.
  • 17th, Kurwa Empire have been found
  • 2xth, New map in the server.
  • 15th, A coup on the AN is lead by shakomatic, in an attmept to make protest of internationalism, Shakomatic causs the Servers First World War and Breshik is completly wiped out.
  • 23rd, The Empire of Newest Badfacia is founded.


  • 22th, the Connous region is found and named, along with the Depths ocean. The central island in the latter said ocean is the establishment site for Kriegstein.
  • 31st, the The United Syndicalist Republics is founded.
  • 5th, Shakomatic disolves the Breshikan Empire.
  • 23rd, the Holy Breshikan Empire, a supra-national organization, is founded by Nova Avence, the Kriegstein Consortium and Nieuw Walschor's respective leaders.
  • 27th, Kriegcorpâ„¢ is founded. Connous, Depths ocean and the settlements contained belong to the corporation.


  • 3rd, Breshikan Civil War begins.
  • 5th, the Kriegstein Consortium is now officially confirmed as independent. Nieuw Walschor dissolves. The Kingdom of Avence Changes to the Kingdom of Breshik. The HBE is disolved. The Breshikan Civil War and War of Breshikan Succession ends.
  • 9th, Corronation ceremony of the Reformed Kingdom of Avence happens. During the ceremony, terrorist activists set off a weapon of mass destruction crippling the City for several days.
  • 17th, Onionland is founded to provide a home for the many Poles entering the server from Karachan. Nieuw Walschor is re-formed as part of the Rhodesian Confederation.
  • 23th, the Cerimony of the Thousand Cuts is held at the Stone Citadel to reform the nation's government and horour its allies; The Kriegstein Consortium is now the Kriegstein Consulate. During the cerimony, the Almighty and wise Pope Rosenmann conducts the Ritual of Inthronization upon Sidmarcus01, along with Ralxtew and TheDookie to form the Sacred Triumvirate of the Consuls, with Sidmarcus as the highest authority. The cerimony ended with the renewal of the alliance between the Consulate and the Duchy of Nieuw Walschor, along with a memorable banquet.
  • 27th, following days of Polish influx, the Battle of Polish Cleansing begins with an AELU (Allied English Language Union) military victory.
  • 6th, North Oceanic Treaty Organization is founded by the Nations of Waldsic, Breshik and Condeura by signing the North Oceanic Treaty
  • 23rd, Radicals, from the anarcho-gaian region of West West Battx, protest at Spawn. Mainland Battx officials are suspected of instigating the riots.
  • 1st, the Kriegstein Cooperation Organization (KCO) is founded by Auri, Battkhortostan and the Kriegstein Consulate.
  • 19th, Kiaser of the Breshikan people, autist, and draft dodger Shakomatic dies.


  • 20th, A hijack attempt of the server by Onion and PIXhedgie. Stopped by te3. Perpetrators and their helpers are punished.
  • Entire new server is built, maps are copied and plugins updated.
  • 28th, world Harmonia is born. All previous ones are closed and will be changed to visitation only.


  • 22nd, settlement of Webop is founded. Later it would be renamed to Greedmesa
  • 28th, World of Harmonia completes one year. A ceremony was held at Moloch statue. Onion is pardoned of his crimes.
  • 30th, after eight years, chronicles page is reactivated. First Reimu statue is built on Harmonia's spawn city
  • 2nd, Genoa settlement is dissolved. Despite media criticism, its land is annexed by Spawn City.
  • 5th, settlement of Genova is founded.
  • 9th, nation of Mercymnius is created
  • 10th, nation of Webop is created. Its capital is renamed to Greedmesa.
  • 15th, KC /int/ survival server completes 10 Years!
  • 17th, 10 Year Anniversary Party is held
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