State of Nova Kurwa

United Council State of Nova KurwaWielka Rada Państwa Nova Kurwa
Capital Nova Kurwa
Official Languages English
Demonyn Kurwa/Nova Kurwan
Government Democratic State
Chancellor YugoTexas
Established 9-22-2011
Population 18
Abbreviation NK, Kurwa

Born from the Kurwan Empire of 1.7, Nova Kurwa is a harbour city at coords x: 150, z:-850. It has adopted many of the practices of the old Kurwan city-state including its building code and government structure. It is was at one point lead by FordTempo due to the abscence of the city's founding fathers, Rosenmann and v1adimirr. Testytigershark and Kebabremover worked as advisors. Kebabremover inherited the status from 1.7. Beginning from October 29th, caBastard was the new de facto leader of Nova Kurwa through a Provisional government until its end on the 1st of November when the powers were passed to testytigershark. Since December 2011, the powers were claimed by eagle1 under reasoning that testytigershark has abandoned and neglected Kurwa and her political needs. Immediately after that, Kurwa found itself embroiled in yet another war with Battkhortostan. The war ended with eagle1 giving up his claim to rulership of Kurwa and YugoTexas appointed as ruler of Kurwa, and asserting Kurwa's sovereignty over both Battkhortostan and West Rhodes.


Nova Kurwa finds its origins in the pre-1.8 map. After AlphaBernd announced a new map would be started after 1.8, the Kurwan Empire decided to fund an expedition to found a colony in the new world. That colony would be named Hure. The largest and most powerful nation on the server, the Kurwan Empire had vast amounts of materials and manpower at its disposal and chest after chest was put at the ready for the journey. However, it was later announced that AlphaBernd would smite the old map out of existence and no materials would be carried over. Its destruction imminent, the Council decided a new Kurwa would be born in its ashes: Nova Kurwa. After the new map was launched, v1adimirr explored within 1000×1000 block radius that would be safe from trimming. An empty NPC village in the desert would act as base camp for the Kurwans that followed him until a new location could be found. A scouting party would soon find Nova Kurwa's final resting place at x: 150, z:-850.


The city is laid out in a tiered fashion with an anti-spider, anti-enderman wall. The first railway was constructed between the spawn and Nova Kurwa and serves as a central alley for many other rails to break off from. Forts are constructed around the outskirts of the nation on a number of peninsulas and small isles.

Kurwa's Sovereignity Crisis

On the 29th of October, caBst, guaranteeing existence of Nova Kurwa, asked Alpha to make a provisional government claiming that with Rosen's and v1adimirr's ragequit statements there was no head of government to continues Kurwa's work. upon Alpha agreeing to this caBst created Provisional Government of West Rhodes to Nova Kurwa, which conducted some illegitimate actions against the Common Empire and the Republic of Battkhortostan. After a long dispute between mazznoff and caBst, the latter appointed testytigershark as the supreme ruler of Nova Kurwa to put an end to the whole shitstorm backstage.

The immediate response from the Common Empire was that Kurwa would have stayed alive without any actions due to largest amount of players and having actual government in force, which consisted (in the abscence of Rosenmann and v1adimirr) of FordTempo and testygershark as advisors. The crisis escalated to the point where war was declared.

Kurwa's Sovereignity Crisis II

On the 27th of November, Eagle1 and MystiaLorelei declared the Tri Isles no longer a Nova Kurwan protectorate. No one from Kurwan authorities objected this. But things took an interesting turn, and eagle1 with MystiaLorelei took a further step: they declared to have annexed Nova Kurwa. Two flags (one above the City Hall and one above the catherdral) were replaced by G.A.M. flags. Immediately, mazznoff, Tangaloa, and Ghoul drew their swords to protect Kurwa for the second time.

The battle was bloodless, because due to the flag griefing a moderator, Gothic, was called. The Tri Isles later refused all claims, and the flags and the sovereignity was therefore restored.

Random attacks against Nova Kurwa could no longer be possible, so mazznoff tried to declare war on Tri Isles. It turned out that Tri Isles isn't a nation, and thus can't be declared war upon. Still, 64 iron are due to be paid as reparations into the CE fund. As the CE is now dissolved, these denbts have been forgiven.

Rumours say that it was caBst who mastermined the Kurwa second annexation. Again.

Kurwan Civil War

Due to the evergrowing power of Federal Republic of Battkhortostan, and prolonged absence and neglect of prevous Chancellor Pro Tempore, testytigershark, Nowa Kurwa was once again in danger of being annexed as a powerful and resource-rich territory. caBst perceived the threat of Kurwa's dissolvement and decided to act once again in order to preserve Kurwa and granted chancellor powers to eagle1 who would continue the proud tradition of Old Kurwan Empire of defiance against any Batt.x claims against Kurwan sovereignity. eagle1 would later give up his claim to the throne and YugoTexas was appointed leader over Kurwa. All international agreements made prior to his ascension were abolished.

Post-War Expansion

Upon taking office in the arrow riddled and smoke scarred City Hall, YugoTexas looked out before him, after days of civil war Nova Kurwa's territorial integrity was in a state of collapse with several evil nations claiming large swaths of Kurwan Land as their territory and colonies, with several self declared separatist states claiming independence following the break down of central Government.

A poster put out by the Kurwan Government promoting the expansion

Wanting to fully assert his power and Kurwa's new found Independence he passed an act that declared all Land North of Nova Kurwa's internationally declared borders (exempting a swath that the Tri-Isles had developed) to be subject to the full sovereignty of Nova Kurwa with foreign states with stake in the Territory to immediately withdraw their claims and all self declared independent states in the territory immediately returning to Kurwan Control.

One of the first actions was YugoTexas leading a political campaign against the Greater Pan-Asian Meritocracy to roll back their claims to all of Aurion Province, and the West Rhodesian colony they allowed to be established within, after many hours of negotiations and threats of military action from both sides, a compromise was finally reached settling the matter for the near future by declaring the border along the alpha realm's prime meridian with the northern G.A.M. border being the small patch of sand that extended from the meridian to the waters of Kurwa Mać bay. The border was later ratified by both state's leaders in the Tri-Isles with the signing of the Kurwa-Pan-Asian Peace and Friendship Treaty.

This ended up with most of the disputed land ceeded to Kurwa's, lending YugoTexas a pass on his first test as Leader of Kurwa with a major victory in his goal to reunite the Northern Kurwan Lands under his new Government, and put to rest some concerns that he wouldn't be a competent leader of Kurwa leading to more civil war.

How ever this victory was short lived as Nova Kurwa found out the Tri-islands under the auspices of the Greater Pan-Asian Meritocracy had officially annexed the separatist province of Greenland starting a long bitter strain of relations and propaganda war between Nova Kurwa and the GAM with Kurwa publishing several high quality posters, while the GAM's response was baseless slander and childish insults against the Kurwan Chancellor.

However as with the Aurion dispute, Kurwa choose to use the option of diplomacy with War as a last resort by engaging with direct talks with the leader of Greenland, though with interference by GAM officials in what Kurwa viewed as a internal matter, the negotiations to reintegrate Greenland into Kurwa as a Autonomous Republic with a high degree of self governance and even a offer of a transfer of Cape Katyn territory to them, the talks appeared to be making headway with Greenland appearing open to the offers but content on a treaty establishing dual-citizenship for Greenlanders, how ever before a resolution was reached, Greenland decided to retire the talks on a good note with a agreement to continue them the next day.

Kurwa-Batt.x Split

A poster created following the Kurwa-Batt.X split

The Next day came and upon meeting with the Kurwan government officials negotiation the peaceful return of the secessionist republic was ment with a scoff at the idea of reintegration and talks fell through, leaving war as inevitable.

How ever this was not the case for the fact that Kurwa refuses to take to arms to settle the dispute, with normalization of Relations with the GAM in mid December, the G.A.M. withdrew their objections to Kurwa's claim to Greenland instead declaring that as Greenland is fully autonomous under the G.A.M., it is its own responiblity to settle desputes dealing with it.

How ever this diplomatic victory was short lived as the rogue faction of the Battkhortostan Gov't lead by K_Chris responded to this by severing diplomatic ties with Kurwa and expelling it's diplomats from Novi Battkhortsk in response to Kurwa's continued resolve to national unity, soverignty and Independence, after continued attempts to turn the YugoTexas government into a Battkhorti Puppet failed.

In mid December 2011 the Kurwan National office of Police found the The Knights Templar Order was recruiting Kurwan citizens to assassinate citizens in neighboring nations, after causing a diplomatic incident between Kurwa and the Greater Pan-Asian Meritocracy, Kurwa has taking the action of being the first nation to ban the order from its territory and make it's membership a crime.

On December 21st Nova Kurwa fully reintergrated the Province of Glo, after which in a afternoon press conference the legislative national council of Nova Kurwa delivered this statement:

We the national council of nova kurwa hereby announce by the power invested in us by the kurwan people the peaceful and full reintergration of the seperatist glo province back into our national union. - Kyler, Minister of Legal Affairs

Geography of Nova Kurwa

Nova Kurwa is located on a large peninsular that is mostly plain with a leafy forest to the south, and a a large forest to the north, The city itself is built in this southern forest and around a harbour of the great Spawn Sea. To the south-east is a large mountain next to the strait between Kurwa and West Rhodes

The entire island under the claim of Nova Kurwa, as the islands in the harbour and close to shore. To the south the province borders the Merchant Republic of West Rhodes, and borders the GAM to the west and North-East.

Birch Island is also claimed by Nova Kurwa as is its perogative as successor to Kurwa.

Nova Kurwa Street Map


There has been no districting formally announced, though a number of plots around the town hall have been designated government plots.

Following the Old Kurwan Traditions, Nova Kurwa was governed by a Council so far comprised of V1adimirr and Rosenmann. As of October 29th, November 1st, December 10th, the Kurwan Council has been abolished and all powers reside in caBastard testytigershark YugoTexas.

As of December 12th Kurwa has been politically restructued:

  • Office of Chancellor - Held by Yugotexas, shall have the power to declare war, conduct foreign relations, sign laws to give them legal force, and to directly manage the capital city and territories.
  • National Council: Made up of 1 seat per 5 persons (currently creating 3 seats), has the power to veto declarations of war, ratify treaties and appointments by the Chancellor, as well as writing law and having the power to change Kurwa's internal borders
  • Council of Reperesentives: Has the power to voice the concerns of their respective povince to the national council, veto provincal border changes, and should a tied vote occure in council, cast the tie breaking vote.

The term for Office of Chancellor is lifetime The each term for councilors and representives is 1 month with no term limits, with the election date being the 20th and 10th respectively


National Laws:

  1. No PVP except in self Defense, fines for PVP can be up to 5Iron Ignot maxinium. Self defense is losing 2 hearts before striking back from the actions of another that were not provoked by you .
  2. Foreign Citizens may not openly carry arms or wear armor within the borders of Kurwa except in areas infested by mobs.
  3. All citizens have the right to keep and bear arms except inside buildings housing the seat of national or provincal government.
  4. No settlements may be founded without given the government 12 hour notice of their prospective location for approval or denial of building permit.
  5. New settlments shall institute a building code based on that of the Capital.
  6. All settlements must have a street grid and a railroad station.
  7. Each new settlement will upon request, will be granted protection by a government fort to be built near the settlement.
  8. Each province shall have a Governor with power to confirm or deny building permits. (Provinces without governors will have those power defaulted to the Chancellor of Nova Kurwa.) 1:Representives shall be democratically ellected on the 20th of each even numbered month, how ever the first Governor can be appointed by the Chancellor of Nova Kurwa.
  9. No Territory or Province of the United Council State Kurwa may secede without unanimous approval by the National Council and Office of Chancellor
  10. Each Populated Province shall have a capitol building built it their captial city.
  11. There shall be at minimium 1 councilman per 5 citizens of Kurwa, and 1 representive per populated province. 1: Except provinces in rebellion. 2:Representives shall be democratically ellected on the 10th of each month.
  12. Each councilman shall be democratically elected by his constitutants, elections shall be held on the 20th of each month.
  13. No building or logging in Cape Katyn territory for ecological reasons
  14. There shall be a 1Iron Ignot tax on levied any and every item sold, given, exported or in any other way transferred from Kurwa to provinces in rebellion without Chancellor sanction.
  15. Membership in the The Knights Templar Order is banned as of December 21st 2011, with a 3Iron Ignot a day fine instituted for violators. Fines waved until the 23rd
  16. Snow Golems are illegal to create or possess from January 1st to November 30th. With their destruction being authorized on sight.

If none is stated, the punishment for violating the above laws is 1Iron Ignot per offense, unless it is related to building, which is is 1Iron Ignot per day in violation.

In the City of Nova Kurwa, there is the building code.

  • Build to fit in
  • Have a sloped roof
  • Mix materials
  • Stay in your plot and under 3 floors
  • No towers or castles
  • Exemptions may be granted by YugoTexas

Nova Kurwa follows the ancestrial traditions of old Kurwans, arbeit! arbeit! In other words they mine as many minerals as the can find until their hands bleed.

Nova Kurwa is positioned above abandoned pre-rendered mine shafts, great natural caverns and chasms. This makes mining exceptionally easy as valuable resources, such as diamonds, iron and gold are exposed for everyone to see. The great Kurwan forest that covers roughly 1/3 of the island is the only realiable source of wood for Nova Kurwa and thus plays a significant role in Kurwan economy. The rest of the island is vast, hilly and untamed plains, aka the Kurwonian plains, inhabited by large herds of cattle. The Kurwonian plains is an excellent place for gathering leather, wool and hunt for meat to feed the evergrowing Kurwan population.

A sense of pride and self-entitlement is common among all Kurwans. It's all about the family tradition, Luigi.

State flag of Nova Kurwa
9-22-2011 to 10-29-2011
Flag of the Provisional Gov't
10-29-2011 to 11-01-2011
State flag of Nova Kurwa
11-01-2011 to 12-10-2011
National Flag of Nova Kurwa
12-10-2011 to 12-15-2011
National Flag of Nova Kurwa
12-15-2011 to 12-29-2011
Revolutionary Flag of Nova Kurwa
12-29-2011 to 1-1-2012
National Flag of Nova Kurwa
1-1-2012 to 1-3-2012
Flag of Nova Kurwa
1-3-2012 to 1/8/2012
National Flag of Nova Kurwa
1-8-2012 to Present
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