Taibei, Nationalist China
Official Languages Chinglish
Demonyn Chinamen
Government National Government
Leader Generalissimo DustRemover
Establishment c. 13/8/2011
Population 20
Abbreviation TB,TBE

Taibei is the one of the newest, fastest growing, and beautifully located cities in the Realm of Alpha. It is the capital of Nationalist China


With the occupation peaceful, non-intrusive protection of Oymyakon by Kurwa, citizens within the city could see the end was near and ventured out to find new lands, only to find that the world had developed significantly around them. DustRemover took it upon himself to find the finest most pristine territory in the world. He stumbled upon a beautiful area while watching the sunset from a cliff and he and (future Vice President) Digital_Agony founded Taibei, the capital of Nationalist China. Far enough from Perkele, Berndtown and Kurwa residents are able to sleep and live in peace. After awhile with some development Taibei has grown and grows every day. With the new streamlined and safe connection to the world netherway traveling to Taibei has never been easier.

With the destruction of the bridge from the nether portal causing mass transportation problems. Dust and Chief Architect MWilliams were able to rebuild a new fortified bridge now known as Williams Bridge.


On 17/08/2011 Taibei hit 20 people and the nation of Nationalist China was formally declared and recognized. With the completion of the MRT line to Gaoxiong (NC's 2nd city) Taibei has become a hub for NC activity.

The region around Taibei is lush and vibrant with many peaks and untouched land. Below the peak of Mt. Formosa lies Taibei city. Visitors will usually end up warping within Mt. Sun Yat-sen; it is just an easy ladder climb and a walk across the sky bridge to the top of Mt. Formosa, where from Chiang Kai-shek look-out post provides one of the most spectacular views in the world including the city of Taibei below. Travel to Mt. Keelung nearby and visit realms first Buddhist temple.


The Building Code is a simplistic one(for now): no lava flows, or dirt structures. Additionally all houses must have a sign with a name on them of who built it.

Griefing is, as all across the Realm of Alpha, strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

The mines under Mt. Formosa are rich with minerals.

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