The Valinor Pact

The Valinor Pact
Capital New Valinor City Hall
Official Languages English
Government Joint defense Pact
Leader None elected atm
Establishment 9-11-11
Abbreviation PTPN

The Valinor Pact was founded to Protect against the advances of the ANTO(Alpha Nations Treaty Organization)


The Pacts only Binding Rules are mutual defense of sovereign states against ANTO incursions.


Note - The preamble is FUCKING BINDING

We the free and peaceful nations of the realm do find it pertinent that an organization be created to stem the flow of imperialism and globalization from the people ruled over by the ANTO. We hereby commence this pact so that no sovereign land be forced into submission by the combined forces of evil.

Once these lands were free, free of globalization and mulikulti. They were Free of International organizations and their Cultural Marxism. But most of all they were free for all bernds to pursue happiness and autism in whatever national idea they had in mind. But that was all changed when the ANTO came about. Tyranny and cultural Marxism spread fast. ANTO threatened war upon all who did not submit and sign the charter. Fortunately some few free nations refused to sign hoping to free the world of Tyranny made this pact to defend against such threats.

Therefore the Valinor Pact pledges to defend anyone who may be a victim of such evils and as the Breshikans say, Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Valinor Pact Headquaters

Uses the New Valinor City Hall.

New Realms Complex

To be established once the 1.8 update kicks in

Current Members

Observing Nations

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