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The Westward-Breshikan Empire

Westward-Breshikan Empire, The Eight Kingdom, The Union, United Kingdom of Greater Breshik and the Westward Isles
National Standard∗∗Imperial Coat of Arms
Capital Karak Sakor and the old westward capital(new capital planned)
Official Languages English, Latin
Demonyn Westro-Breshikan
Government Autocratic Empire
Leader Kaiser Shakomatic, Prime Minister Lord_Uxbridge, Warmaster xoblv10x
Motto Sic Semper Tyrannis
Establishment August 8 2011
Population forytyish
Abbreviation U.K.

For the first Dwarven era see Dwarven Kingdom of Breshik

For the the Non-Dwarven era see great_breshik

For the pre-union Westwards era see Westward Isles

For the pre-union Breshikan Era see kingdom_of_breshik

Founding/tTime Period

Shakomatic proposed the Idea to Lord_Uxbidge that the countries of Breshik and W.I. should unify into a great empire. Shako took his previous spot as king and us took his previous spot as Pm. they share power.

Fall of Union

Uxbridge left the union 31 August, bringing end to United Kingdom. Therefore another kingdom of breshik was automatically created

There is too wide an array of geographical features in the Union to be represented on one page. geography_of_the_united_kingdom


The Union is divided into provinces

The government of the union is set up in the form of an autocratic empire disguised as a parliamentary monarchy. In reality Shako and Lord Ux pretty much share power and the parliament acts as a peoples voice. The two houses have yet to be defined at this time.

Government Officials

  1. Prime Minister Lord_Uxbridge
  2. Minister Shark_a Pult, Minister of Tourism and Foreign relations
  3. Warmaster xob1v10nx
  4. Lord Surgereaper, Provincial Governor of East Breshik
  5. Lord Otto_Von_Bismark, Provincial Governor of the Western Isles
  6. Captian Aineias, Provincial Governor of the Breshikan Wildlands
  7. Captian Killer_Chris, Provincial Governor of Cumberland


  1. Abandon sites may be looted for materials.
  2. If you are to Abandon a site Please put “condemned” signs u and remove all signs of life.
  3. No foreigners allowed outside of embassies or without a guide or permission.
  4. Build modestly and realistically, all construction need Permit.
  5. No Nether Gates.


  • Badface
  • Northern Confederacy(is this still around?)
  • Nationalist China

The Union has three main exports: Disappointment, Egotism and Trouble.

Like Georgian Britain meets lord of the Rings. The Union is Roman Catholic.

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