The First Bresho-Kurwan Pact

After mounting tensions between the Kurwa and Breshik sat down to discuss the many disputes between the two of them. After much debate, the following clauses were agreed to by both parties on 17-8-11:

  1. Batt.x is neither party's land to give to the other.
  2. Isle of feels will be annexed by Kurwa
  3. In exchange, Kurwa will renounce its recognition of the nation of Valinor and it will be absorbed back into Breshik, reinstating the previous Kurwan/East Breshik border [post The Three Hours' War]
  4. In addition, Kurwa, as an act of good faith, will secede all land on that continent in order to resolve the ongoing dispute.
  5. The fortress-monestary of Petrus will be moved to the border between East Breshik and the Lokotan Lands [soon to be turned into an ocean].
  6. Control of the disputed colony and the immediate surroundings to the north will go to neither party, but will be returned to Kebabremover for him to do with them as he wishes and K_Chris will be compensated for his losses.*
  7. Kurwa will continue to allow the Krieg Isles to be destroyed, with the exception of the new site of Petrus, in favor of an ocean.

*The area in question has been released by kebabremover back into Westro-Breshikan keep.

During further negotiations Westro-Breshik gave up claims to the area known as the “wild lands”. The flag once representing the wild lands shall now represent any foreign holdings.

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