Alpha Nations

The Alpha Nations
Capital AN Headqauters, Kurwa Border Province
Official Languages English
Government International Assembly
Leader Secretary YugoTexas
Establishment 9-5-11
Abbreviation AN

The Alpha Nations was founded as a /int/ernational organization in September as a international forum


The Alpha Nations Charter is a set of rules and statements that are binding on Memberstates

As a Assembly all Resolutions passed or proposed are to be published openly



Note - The preamble is non-binding

When the first Bernd walked upon the blocks of dirt on the first day of our world's creation by the almighty Alpha Bernd, the tragedy of war was as of yet unknown unto all Alpha's creations, Bernd and the server created for him knew only peace. Then came others and in their pursuit of their own craftings, and the resulting conflicts, bernd's Eden of peace was shattered. With bernds came fighting and griefing and all the other nasty violations one bernd may cause another. Much butthurt was had; however, for now few rose in aggression against their fellow bernd.

Unfortunately, like the peace of the first bernd, this could not last. As bernd numbers grew, and bernds began feeling feels, and expressing their feels unto the other bernds, and knowing the feels of other bernds to be their own feels, nations arose, and Bernd was segregated by all manner of race and creed unto separate sections of the server.

As nations grew their leaders realized that their own feels did not match those of the leaders of surrounding lands. And thus War was born unto the server, and with it yet more Butthurt came.

Yet for a time Bernd new little of the ways of war, and thus the suffering and butthurt of war was limited. However, as Bernd grew used to conflict, and his nations grew used to war, he did develop better and stronger weapons and armours with which to wage more and bloodier wars then ever He, our Lord protector AlphaBernd, did see his creation wage. And much greater suffering was had, and much more Butthurt was felt.

As we form this Alpha's Nations organization, War has become so bloody and so brutal, that we see it as our duty, both to the Alpha Bernd and to his creations, to protect against the evils of War, to defend the undefended, and most importantly, and central to our organisation's goal: to restore the peace. However, we make no pretense that this is an easy task, rather, we recognize the difficulty and the hardships we must endure before our most noble and sacred goal can be achieved. We recognize that to War, in all her destructive power, may be used to further noble causes as well as ignoble ones, for this reason we do not make it our goal to eradicate War, but rather we make the preservation of the peace, by any means deemed just, our most sacred duty. In this way we hope that one day our great creator AlphaBernd might once again look upon his creation and see a server that knows only peace, and bernds that no longer quarrel and war amongst themselves and amongst their nations, a server divided by feels, but rather one in which a single nation of bernds exists for the betterment of all Berndkind and for the better expression of all feels held by Bernd. With this as our stated goal, hope, and dream for the future of our, and our Lord's, server, we do here by create the Alpha's Nations, long may it preserve the peace and serve our most holy creator, Alpha Bernd.


The AN following the finishing of the AN complex sent out a open invitation to every nation in the Alpha Realms to join, all of which, though some with hesitation, did so without issue apart from the 9th Kingdom of Breshik, which rejected the invitation on the grounds that it violated its sovereignty on the grounds that the newly reestablished Westward Isles had signed the charter to join before they did, along with a demand Breshik be given the position of Secretary General.

Later events

On 9/11/11 negotiations are being held to bring the Breshik into the AN in order to bring a greater peace to the Realm. Breshik is asking to join the AN under specific treaty guaranteeing complete sovereignty from the AN and any of her mandates and received a permanent veto. It is important to note that Breshik is the only member of the Valinor pact who wishes to participates in the AN.

On 9/12/11 negotiations fell through after Battkhortostan used their veto power to block Breshik's admission to the Alpha Nations. Battkhortostan has withdrawn their veto provided Breshik receive no special privileges within the AN.

Later on 9/12/11 YugoTexas formally withdrew the invitation of the Breshik to join the Alpha Nations after no headway was made in negotiations after Breshik refused to drop it's demand to Veto power with the illegal occupation and erection of their flag at the AN building contributing to the final decision

The Breshik Take Over

On the morning of 9/13/11 King Shakomatic, ambassador to the AN from The Breshik lead a bloodless coup against the Secretary General Yugotexas. Shakomatic then proceeded to declare himself Secretary General for life and put forth a resolution to have all nations obey his every command.

De Jure Alpha Nations Secretary YugoTexas, away on business, was contacted by Shakomatic to tell him of the coup, YugoTexas' response was to inquire as to what was going on and for him to vacate the AN building immediately, after trying to negotiate their peaceful surrender of the building only to be told that he was the authority and that no force can be used against authorized persons of the AN.

Following this exchange YugoTexas is moving to declare a Emergency Article 9 Declaration to regain control of the Building and neutralization of the Breshik's outrageous act of aggression against a completely neutral organization

Shako's response was that Yugotexas, as not representing any nation within the AN and simply being a staff member has now been formally expelled from the AN and stripped of pension.

Battkhortostan was the First Nation to respond to the coup by stating this of Shako:

By claiming to lead a coup on the AN, Breshik has violated article 9 of the AN charter. As AN headquarters are located on Kurwan territory Breshik is considered to have launched an attack on Kurwa. With this attack Breshik is to be considered a rogue state and those attacking Breshik or Breshikans are exempt from the rules of engagement. Battkhortostan has pledged to defend Kurwa against Breshikan aggression and it is expected that Westwards will likewise come to Kurwa's aid.

Thus officially beginning the The War of Breshik Agression

After Alphabernd vetoed Shako's illegal resolution he responded by writing the treaties on reform of the Alpha Nations charter

Later on 9/13/11 the Westward Islands joined Battkhortostan in declaring war on the Breshik Kingdom adding this statement:

In a few days time we shall end this great nation and begin a new, let this war be a finial triumph to ensure our rightful place in the history of nations

On 09/14/11, the Empire of Kurwa declared war on Breshik upon hearing of the military incursion into Krebs Point, Kurwa. While Kurwa officially retains control of the land, they perceive it as primarily the land of the AN and vow to first and foremost defend it on those terms. The act of aggression towards the AN summit has received the full response of the Kurwan Military.

The United Territories of FAP declined to enter into war with Breshik, with Nationalist Chinka being made aware of and acknowledging the situation but giving no further comment

Later that day the AN aligned coalition of the willing invaded Breshik coming across pockets of resistance from the Valinor Pact member the Republic of Topa, which ended with the Surrender of Topa to AN aligned forces, afterwards AN aligned Forces reached the Capital of Breshik, Karak Sakor, to find it undefended and empty, following this anti-climax of a victory, some members of the took down signs and torches erected by the Regime, with one member in a isolated incident going as far as to griefing stone blocks making up the facade of a Regime building

At that point, YugoTexas officially announced Victory Over Breshik Day

I hereby declare by AN Article 9 declaration that the Breshik Empire's reign has come to its end.
From this date forth Breshik shall be a black page in history never to reform it self again so that peace may finally reign to all lands of this realm

The Alpha Armistice

However, on 9/15/11 citing the small isolated incidents of misconduct by a small number of AN soldiers, God, despite giving clear authorization and approval for the war before it stated, and further reminding, declared the entire war illegal and Article 9 as null and void, also vowed to punish all those who took part in it on the AN side, following this Battkhorotstan, Westwards and Kurwa tried to reason with God using the statements made by him blessing the coming action and statements by Shako to him declaring article 9 to be a legitimate article to the AN charter and him effectively consenting to the war before hand

At the A.N., YugoTexas hearing this, became enraged at the fact that within minutes of declaring victory after 4 days of hell, despite being told the War was recognized as legal at the onset by god, felt betrayed by God's announcement that the war was null and void with him attempting several times to erase any record of the events of the past 3 days immediately, began on a hour long tirade effectively spitting death in the face to declaring god to be a false jewish invention due to the allegations he took bribes by Breshik of the 'silver paper of Europa's zion' to prop up and protect King Shakomatic from being toppled for his constant idiocy on the server, and alleged that he has sent the realms into a second era of stagnation due to his purported intentional stifling of international affairs by stepping in and shutting down any new developments among the nations so to keep the status quo along with his several attempts to wipe from the pages of history these Events which has lead to the realms becoming politically and socially dead

Following this and the passing of Resolution 1 and 2, YugoTexas attempted to resign from the AN citing that the Organization was effectively useless and simply a hell for him to endure due to God effectively wiping it's first major historical action taken under its banner, how ever Battkhortostan vetoed his Resignation

On September 19th, 2011, King Shakomatic, when after declaring that Sikandar had no right to declare war on him since his resolution was standing, and that the AN should 'check it's logs', was faced with a previously unnoticed irregularity and breach in the voting procedures with his resolution that was found when rechecking the logs to keep the timeline of events correct.

It was found that upon inspection the AN voting rolls on the resolution show Shakomatic as the one who introduced the resolution despite the AN charter explicitly stating only member states can introduce them rendering it null and void, further more the assembly rolls record him as stating the resolution was in effect immediately after passing despite the AN charter requiring, even in Emergency sessions, that there be a one hour period between passing and the resolution going into force, with Sikandar's declaration of war on Breshik coming 3 minutes after the passing, well within the 1 hour time frame, giving Sikandar's declaration full legal standing, following this King Shakomatic wrote a message stating:

I failed to recognize this and I suppose it was an illegal action. I admit I have been defeated on the issue. But I was never out to gain power through this, I care not to rule over anything but Breshik. I was simply actively proving a point to you and the rest of the AN because you all choose to ignore us Valinor pact members when we warned of a looseness in your laws.

I am not so stubborn as not to admit defeat. You have to think beyond the actions and look at the cause though.

Resumption of the Breshik War

Later on the 18th, Secretary YugoTexas, upon further examining the recordings of the Grand Assembly during the Breshikian Take-over noticed a Exchange between the Breshikian Representive to the AN, jogiff with the Leader of the Battkhotostan RISSR in which Jogiff announced clearly at 02:41CST 9/13/2011, that 'that is war' in response to Sikandar's continued announcements of a state of war between Battkhortostan and Breshik (though some scholars have pointed out that jogiff was merely stating that Sikandar was engaging in an illegal act of war), the other statements of war by Shako were discounted on the fact due to his insanity he announced them as the Secretary of the AN and even the Leader of Battkhortostan rendering them null and void as he held nether office, but jogiff was annouced officially to be Breshik's Representative to the AN giving his statements the full force of the Breshik Kingdom to the international stage

Upon showing the tape to God, God studied it and after taking a moment to consider wisely choose to reverse his self and declare the War as legal, but the battles in question being Raids, leaving the War ongoing, with the trials of those involved in war crimes during the battle of Karak Sakor to be put on trial .

Following being unable to excuse him self from taking part in war, King Shakomatic vowed to raise a 40 strong army on the first of October to wage war upon the AN member states that resonded to his act of agression accordingly, how ever nobody wanted to wait 2 weeks and God finnally permantly banished him from the Server

Dissolution of Breshik

On 9/19/11 following statements by Shakomatic as king of Breshik that he no-longer cares for his kingdom and that he is content with it 'falling' like his last 5 Kingdoms, with permission by God the AN held a vote on Resolution 5, officially declaring Breshik to be Dissloved effectively ending a black stain on the pages of history

Following this Breshik Territory was transferred to AN trusteeship to prevent any disputes among the member states of which one gets what share of land from it, as well as a Westwardian introduced resolution giving protections the unique drawven arctitecture of Breshik for their preservation

AN Headquarters

Built and Financed by the Kurwan Empire after YugoTexas selected and reclaimed the land from the sea, finished on the First of September

New Realms Complex

To be established once the 1.8 update kicks in

Current Members

Suspended Members

Former Members

Some see the AN has a means for Kurwa to take over the world or as a way to dissuade pvp wars due to article 6 of their charter.

AN Response

Kurwa has only a minor part (too minor for Kurwa's liking) and it does nothing to dissuade pvp wars other than forcing smaller settlements to have to make an alliance with more powerful settlements, due the combined military force of AN.

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