The War of AttritionPart of the jogiff Conflict
Dates 9-9-11
Location Hamburg
Result Shina victory
Shina Hamburg
Leaders and Commanders
jogiff SurgeReaper
1 2
~15 ~15

The War of Attrition

Shina's second war with actual combatants.

Following the failed war against bddragon1 and shuji, war fever in Shina were at a peak. While searching for bd's nation, jogiff was ambushed by Surge, the leader of the settlement of Hamburg. This attack was the most costly of the entire war for jogiff, resulting in the loss of half a stack of arrows, a bow, a stone sword , and two feathers. Such an insult could not be tolerated and Hamburg was drawn into the conflict.

jogiff pursued a strategy of attrition, gradually wearing down Surge's iron armor with repeated surprise attacks. Further, jogiff carried out a campaign of psychological attacks by repeatedly turning on Surge's wheat farm. Through a series of inexpensive attacks with stone swords (and one attack with a bow and arrows), jogiff was able destroy Surges helmet despite not inflicting a single official casualty (see the Tangaloa Affair below). At this point Surge and his bemused ally, shuji, were feeling very confident. It was at this point that jogiff changed tack.

jogiff's PSYOP

By hacking the combination for the wheat farm, jogiff showed the residents of Hamburg that they would never be completely safe from jogiff. By repeatedly using the dispensers in Surge's own house, jogiff proved to the citizens of Hamburg that their leader could not even protect himself, much less the nation from jogiff.

Modern military analysts agree that the Battle of Attrition not only revolutionized physical battle itself by emphasizing mobility and affordability to armor and arms, but that jogiff's tactics brought new focus on psychological warfare.

The Tide Turns

Declaring that this battle would be the most important battle, jogiff went to Hamburg for his final assault. In order to show his confidence in his ability, jogiff came armed only with two feathers from a freshly plucked chicken. At this point, Surge's armor broke and the unarmored pair was easily dispatched.

Surge and shuji accused jogiff of using an invisibility mod, jogiff returned the booty insisted that it was just a glitch. In order to prove his claim he used the /kill command and returned completely visible invisible again. He once again killed shuji and ambushed Surge who apparently believed jogiff's claim that the feathers granted invisibility to the bearer. Once again, jogiff returned the items but was struck down by Surge while he had his inventory open.

At this point, jogiff declared that he would no longer be returning swords.


shuji: “Hes been spawning in your suite” realizing how jogiff had been getting back to Hamburg so quickly

SurgeReaper: “jogiff, if you turn on my farm one more time I will kill you” upon discovering that the wily jogiff had outsmarted him again

jogiff: “I confess, without shame, that I am sick and tired of fighting — its glory is all moonshine; even success the most brilliant is over dead and mangled bodies” while reflecting on the horrors of war

Elkku: “Yes” when asked whether this was a jogiff victory

Tangaloa Affair

During the initial conflict, Tangaloa offered an alliance. jogiff believed that Tangaloa was offering assistance to the enemy and so ambushed him in the warproom. Tangaloa explained that he meant to be jogiff's ally and a temporary truce was declared between Hamburg and Shina so that Tanga's stuff could be returned. Eight snow blocks were paid as reparations.

Over the course of the battle, jogiff lost twelve stone swords, three gravel blocks, 90 arrows, two bows, and his dignity. Hamburg lost a tree, the arrows in four dispensers, three iron swords, two bows, a suit of iron, and an undisclosed number of arrows and food.

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