Raid of Bremen

On the 14th of August, Mazznoff was visiting the settlement of Freie Hansestadt Bremen and he accidentaly hit BremenBernd and Kopfjaegar causing them him to defend theirselveshimself and killing Mazznoff. This caused some arguing through the chat, and people started asking if there was a battle going on. Eventually random people started to warp via the warp room to Bremen and the shitfest was ready to begin…

First people to arrive at the scene were random newcomer bernds who just waged violence against the city of Bremen. Mazznoff was killed several times while trying to retrieve his belongings that he had lost. Eventually Kebabremover and Lord_Uxbridge decided to join in with Mazznoff to fight the evil communistnazimuslamicrayguns and bring peace to the Realm by force. A crusade was called upon Bremen and more and more random people launched their viscious attacks at the gates of Bremen, but BremenBernd, Kopfjaegar and blub were prepared with loads of arrows and with diamond gear.

BremenBernd blocked the gate to the city itself with lava and due to the thin bridge leading out from the warp spot, it was a easy job for BremenBernd and Kopfjaegar to defend their settlement from the defence tower. The raiders were badly organised and equiped mostly with stone, diamond swords and few bows. Due to the warp pass to Bremen, it was easy to the raiders just to respawn and return to the battle scene and what the raiders lost in their equipment they won in pure mass.

It took countless deaths and sort of re-organisation for the raiders to breach the wall and get into the city itself. Eventually Kopfjaegar was killed and BremenBernd was left to defend the city by himself. BremenBernd took down many of the attackers inside the city wall, but he was eventually outnumbered and killed. His death marked a short pause on the attack, but it wasn't over yet.

BremenBernd returned to the scene with new equipment after he was killed and started to remove kebab from premises, even though most of people thought that the battle was over. This provoked a new wave of attacks, but they weren't so fierce as the first had been due to lack of people.

Eventually the mods who had been following the raid most of the time, got tired of the raid just continuing without any point and decided to surround the Bremen warp point with lava to ceace the raid. This worked and the raiders were called in to clean the mess they had done during the attack.

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