The Iron Farm

The Iron Farm
Location: X: 600, Z: 1700
Creator: Anon1234
Establishment: 2014

The Iron Farm, also known as The Public Iron and Wood Farm, is a public complex located south of Spawn City that has automated iron (and poppy) production. The area also houses every type of tree, seperately grouped, hence the longer name.

The Iron Farm is currently not on any territory claimed by a nation (and it is agreed it should always remain unaffiliated and neutral).


Iron Production & Collection

The Iron Farm is a complex of nine, very tall rectangular prisms. All of them house a group of Yevs at the top floor, which help generate Iron Golems. The Iron Golems, via water flow, drop down underground where they are carried by ingenious waterways to a lava flow that kills them by incinerating their heads. Their serial deaths results in a stream of poppy and iron, which is trafficked through infrastructure into a central building for practical collection.

The machinery inside the central building has been adjusted to have both an AFK mode for personal collection (i.e. iron shoots onto player), and a storage mode where iron is collected into a chest.

Other Farms

As the area is used frequently by many, multiple additional farms have been added in and around the prisms to make use of free space; and probably to give people something to do while waiting for iron instead of AFK'ing. Four of the prisms house farms (built around golem chutes): one for pumpkin, one for melon, one for potato and one for various colors of wool. Moreover, most of the green plains between the prisms have been turned into tree farms; the whole area now has trees of every sort, grouped (and some scaffolded) for easy farming. There is also a stall of Yevs that sell wood to people that prefer to purchase instead of chop, and buy wood from those that feel they've harvested more than necessary.


  • created by Anon1234 (around spring of 2014)
  • Melonfarm, pumpkinfarm and woolfarm added by Enton and June (around winter of 2014-15)
  • collection room and mechanisms destroyed by Lolibernd on June 9th of 2015
  • repaired/redesigned by ERAID later that month, after a Byntari invasion made the damage obvious
  • Wood-mart stall added by Santikaye in October 2015.
  • The wood farm was completed and a potato farm was added by Enton around the end of 2015.
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