10 Year Anniversary Formula Boat Grand Prix

The 10 Year Anniversary Grand Prix was a one-off Formula Boat motor race held on 17 April 2021 at the Monza Circuit in Nova Nova São Konrado, HSK. The Grand Prix was organized as part of the Survival Server Anniversary Party, happening after the old bernds speeches and fireworks show.

The race was won by Spruce Boat driver withDueProcess. This was his first victory in Formula Boat, beating the previous track record held by Fidalgo, the first black person to ever drive a Formula Boat racer.

Pre-race Testing

A small 3 lap pre-race was organized before the main event, as a way for drivers to get to know their boats, the circuit layout and make fine adjustments to their setups. Despite what many people believe, this race was 100% planned as only practice, and not discarded as the main event because half the grid was still drunk from the party and caca stewards were unable to track the correct positions of the cars.

The Race

After the testing, more drivers joined the grid.

In the race start, merril and Paper got a clean getaway, but Paper soon starts to loose positions, as his horse boat did not perform as expected, losing his second position to test123 and third position to feliin/Rickroll, being later passed by almost the entire grid. withDueProcess and DorimerX had a small collision at start, creating a traffic jam at the back of the starting grid. withDueProcess, however, had a quick recovery, and at the end of the first curve had already taken the fourth position, being closely followed by Fidalgo in fifth. At the Ascari chicane, WithdueProcess and Fidalgo manage to overtake feliin/Rickroll and test123, taking second and third positions, respectively. Up to that point, merril had led almost the entire first lap, however, at parabolica, he is overtaken by withDueProcess and loses the lead. Then, at the beginning of the straight, merril makes a mistake and loses positions to Fidalgo and test123. At the parabolica, feati overtakes Tsukkishima and feliin/Rickroll for the fifth position.

withDueProcess opens the second lap, being closely followed by Fidalgo and test123. After the Curva Grande withDueProcess hits backmarker traffic (lt_Csigusz) and looses speed, being overtaken by Fidalgo for the first position. withDueProcess, however, quickly retakes the lead. feati takes the fourth place from merril in the Curva del Serraglio. Paper decides to change his horse boat for a non-faulty one, a totally legal maneuver in the standards of Formula Boat.

The third and last lap is opened by withDueProcess, followed by Fidalgo and test123. At this point, lt_Csigusz, now 2 laps behind, decides to change his Strider boat for another one. For this, he places a crafting table right in the middle of the track, and builds a new dark oak boat. withDueProcess manages to dodge it, while Fidalgo crashes right in the middle of what lt_Csigusz left behind, losing his second position to test123. withDueProcess crosses the finish line and wins the race, around seven seconds ahead of test123, in second. Fidalgo finishes third and feati forth. feliin/Rickroll finishes fifth, passing merril just a few meters before the finish line.

Race Highlights Video


FIA - Federation Internationale de l'Automobile issued a 12 points penalty to lt_Csigusz's Super License, for causing Fidalgo's violent crash and blocking race leaders multiple times as a backmarker, resulting in a one-race ban for the driver.

withDueProcess GP winner Spruce Boat is currently on display on Swampland Ironworks.

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