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Welcome to /int/ Minecraft

/int/ Minecraft

Take a part in /int/ Minecraft History Video

Dear players,

before the server is updated to the new 1.14.2 version (this depends on Spigot stable release), GuyNormus invites you to participate in /int/ Minecraft History Video. At this link you can fill out the application form for his video.

Rule abuse bans

Due to persistent rule abuse clans PVR and SYFB are banned from nationplay. Players involved in abusive actions by the aforementioned clans are banned from the server. Appeals are accepted after the introduction of the new map.

Our server has the address From this hub you can travel to the current map (Alpha's Realm) and all other historic maps.

This wiki details the rules and the history of important events between the nations, settlements and individual players of the server, as well as other interesting autistic and non-autistic stuff. Use navigation (on the left) to learn more. Join us now and share your autism, you'll be free!


Look here on how to post news.


  • Survival Multiplayer MC 1.13.2
  • Moderated by useless Mods
  • Pirate Client friendly
  • Featuring massive autism
  • Map of Oceania | Map of Alpha's Realm (updates 3am CET)
  • Report Bugs here
  • Gibe monies to the admin:

Registration and Login

  1. When joining for the first time, press t, then type
    /register yourpassword
  2. When logging in next time you join the server:
    /login yourpassword

This is necessary to stop people hijacking other's usernames. You can change your password with /changepassword when still in the lobby.

Forgot your password?
Go here! Be patient - a quick answer is by no means guaranteed, though it may be faster in the IRC. Ask in #int and stick around for more than five minutes.


  1. No malicious griefing
  2. No malicious griefing
  3. Don't go around killing people at random and generally being a dick. See Battle agreements (Note these are somewhat dated)


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