Duchy of WitherWood
 Flag of WitherWood
Location X:1700 / Z:6600
Old WitherWood
Local Languages Russian
Government Feudal Monarchy
Leader Duke Zoythrus
Establishment 11-28-2015
Population 2

The Duchy of WitherWood is a partly hidden settlement in a mountainous region of northern Southrim Continent. To date, it consists of a modest village with merchants' residences, well protected from hostile invasions, various produce and animal farms as well as underground halls for storage and gatherings.

The Duchy of Witherwood with its border, as of November 2015.

The area was first discovered and claimed by Resident Zoythrus around July 20th of the year 2015, when he grew dissatisfied with his previous home, the original WitherWood. Moving east, he started excavating the highest mountain and extending walls, creating a barely noticeable, often snowed in great hall. Due to this effect, the settlement was originally named Snow Veil Retreat on July 21st.
For the past months, more and more business was moved from former WitherWood to Snow Veil Retreat, until during November it became obvious that the original settlement remained pretty much abandoned. On November 28th, Resident Zoythrus decided to take the name with him as well, and founded the Duchy of WitherWood with himself leading it as newly inaugurated Duke Zoythrus.
The original settlement will be renamed to Old WitherWood and remain under the administration of the duchy for the time being.

The settlement's territory is surrounded by heavily forested areas on most sides, the only exception being a medium plain to the north. Several beacons direct visitors to safety from afar.

The Duchy of WitherWood is the home of the WitherWood Trade Guild which already existed, albeit unnamed, in the previous settlement. It was this guild which first exported homemade merchandize to the New Spawn (now Second Spawn) area where it built a flashy emporium and successfully attracted many buyers. It has since been abandoned on the spot with the moving of the spawn point.

Old Shop Front Entrance
Old Shop Interior
Old Shop Vacated

Having accumulated some riches due to its industrious populace and ingenious leadership, the establishment of a New Spawn some distance away from the first store presented no obstacle for the WitherWood Trade Guild. Within a couple of days, a second emporium was raised and opened, and business flourishes on New Spawn.

New Emporium Front Entrance
New Emporium Interior
Alley Behind Emporium

Life in Extreme Hills includes many difficulties, but the creative designers and inventive craftsmen soon developed a thriving community. Most residents live in a small, secured village and only venture outside to care for their farms. The area has been lit up sufficiently to provide safe treks between them even at night. Some residents miss their old home, and most of them busy themselves with making this new one even greater.
Duke Zoythrus requested new residents to join him in the Duchy of WitherWood as of November 2015. Privileges and responsibilities would be negotiated at the time of someone taking him up on the invitation.

Yev Village
WitherWood Beacons
WitherWood Farms

All products are being controlled, evaluated and sold by the WitherWood Trade Guild, which is one of the most influential institutes within the WitherWood government. Only Duke Zoythrus himself, as leader of the settlement, has the right to impose regulations and decisions upon the Guild. Due to their importance, the storage base and meeting hall are two of the most imposing structures in the settlement.

Main Base
Main Hall
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